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Fearless, Taylor Swift re-recording history

Singer slowly gains control of masters A few weeks ago, the astute music lover and average fan alike might’ve noticed that Taylor Swift was trending on iTunes and Spotify. “But didn’t ‘You Belong With Me’ come out like 15 years ago?” they might’ve asked themselves.

Another brick in the wall

Celebrity social commentary The uproar surrounding talk show host Ellen DeGeneres hanging out with George W. Bush over the last few weeks begs the question: why does anyone care about celebrities’ political views?  I don’t mean the question to be dismissive. I actually think it’s

Taylor Swift | Lover | Album Review

Republic Records Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars A sign of a great artist is someone who keeps pushing boundaries instead of treading familiar territory after seven albums. Taylor Swift’s experiments with different music genres are notably less clunky in Lover than her previous release Reputation,

Audiences must be more progressive with musicians

Local entertainers need further support The US music industry has notably grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry, making it harder for smaller musicians to break into. Because of the vastness of the music industry, supporting local artists has grown to be important for  artists and musicians

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Taylor Swift | Delicate | Music Video Review

Record label: Big Machine Records Taylor Swift’s music video for the song “Delicate” is a somewhat metaphorical representation of Swift’s personal life. The video starts off with Swift being bombarded by photographers, manic fans, and interviewers, in addition to constantly being surrounded by bodyguards herself.

Taylor Swift | Gorgeous: Single Review

Artist: Taylor Swift Single: Gorgeous Release Date: Oct. 20th, 2017 “Gorgeous” is Taylor Swift at her worst. Released on Oct. 20, the track compromises the quality of her otherwise promising album, Reputation, with juvenile themes and a lackluster production. Rhythmically, the song has all the

Look What You Made Me Do | Taylor Swift: Single Review

Taylor Swift’s new single “Look What You Made Me Do” is shockingly different from the Taylor Swift fans and viewers have seen over the years. Swift has traversed through the forms of the country sweetheart to the classy pop star. Now, Swift is taking on

Swift trial offensive to assault victims

A NON-REALITY-BASED CRUSADE ON SEXUAL ASSAULT A Denver meet-and-greet with radio host DJ David Mueller and Taylor Swift, in 2013, lead to a long legal battle over Swift’s accusations that Mueller sexually assaulted her. Over the course of the Summer of 2017, the trial held