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Public Memory | Red Rainbow | Single Review

Felte Records Public Memory recently released an atmospheric single called “Red Rainbow.” There are frequent cymbals accompanied by occasional snare drum hits that switch off to a bass drum later on. For the first half of the track, the synth takes on a repetitive arpeggio

Bad Bunny | MIA | Single Review

CMN The new single, “MIA,” by Bad Bunny features Drake in a Latin-inspired hip hop love ballad. All the lyrics, even those delivered by Drake, are in Spanish. The lyrics take a possessive approach to love and relationships. The chorus translates to “Tell them that

Unlike Pluto | Mosh Pit | Single Review

Heroic Unlike Pluto’s new single, “Mosh Pit,” reminisces about his love of going to hardcore shows and is the newest addition to the EP The Pluto Tapes. The song is another experimental step outside of his typical sound, but the telling lyrics, coupled with hypnotic

Paul McCartney | I Don’t Know | Single Review

Capital Paul McCartney released a new single called “I Don’t Know.” It starts out as an instrumental with piano and acoustic guitar. Drums are then added into the piece, which creates a steady tempo that resembles his old work. The chord progression is rather simple,

Gabbie Hanna | Honestly | Single Review

No Label Gabbie Hanna’s new single “Honestly” tells a powerful story of being in a toxic relationship. The lyrics, “Got me second guessing everything you say / Thinking that I know you, but you’re really a stranger,” represent that. Not only do the lyrics show

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Father John Misty | Mr. Tillman | Single Review

Record Label: Sub-Pop Records “Mr. Tillman,” released Feb. 20, is a new single from Father John Misty. His real name is Joshua Michael Tillman, which seems to be where his new single stems from—himself. The song starts off with the sound of what seems like

PJ Harvey | An Acre Of Land | Single Review

Record Label: Cognitive Shift Records “An Acre of Land” was originally a spirited British folk song, but PJ Harvey took a whole new perspective on the song for the upcoming UK movie Dark River. The normally joyful tune is transformed into something desolate through the