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The best of 2020 democratic presidential candidates

What to look forward to next year Meet your 2020 Democratic candidates. Elizabeth Warren: Presidential candidates should be judged primarily on the SNL cast’s ability to effectively pretend to be them on TV. Kate McKinnon has already perfected her performance as America’s father’s side (and

Another brick in the wall

Why Journalism? As I write this, I am preparing to fly out tomorrow to attend the National College Media Convention in Washington, DC. Unlike some of my peers, I didn’t grow up wanting to be a journalist. I only became interested in journalism as a

An evening with Colorado for Pete

Local supporters gather to watch debate On the evening of the first night of July’s Democratic Debates, Denver’s Cap City Tavern, just over Capitol Hill, provided the venue for the local Pete Buttigieg Watch Party. The July 30 event was held by “Colorado for Pete

Another brick in the wall

Beto Mania I  understand running for office is daunting. Besides the time and financial commitment, it opens one up to a level of public scrutiny that most people want nothing to do with. It’s impossible to come up with a policy agenda that pleases everyone,