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Joe Biden and COVID-19: Decorative soaps are the answer?

Joe Biden came to my home to prepare for COVID-19 National concern has arisen regarding the age and ability of remaining presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden after the Super Tuesday departure of younger candidates Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar. The flame of the

King Krule | Man Alive! | Album Review

Matador Records XL Recordings True Panther Sounds  Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars  On Feb. 21, 2020 following critical acclaim and success of his 2017 album The Ooz, Archy Marshall, most famously known as King Krule, returned with the release of his third studio album

King Falls AM is a podcast meant for people who love conspiracies

A mix between Gravity Falls and Welcome to Night Vale, with better insults  The sleepy town of King Falls is a place where anything can happen. Where rainbow lights abduct locals to apparitions of Abraham Lincoln residing in a library to shadow demons calling into the local AM radio station, something odd is bound to happen. Hosted

Amid the board game Renaissance

Taverns earns a spot among the best The Taverns of Tiefenthal is the latest tabletop board game release from designer Wolfgang Warsch and publisher North Star Games, the geniuses behind last year’s hit The Quacks of Quedlinburg. Both games share mechanics but between the two, Taverns is the game to own.

Reflections and Ruminations at Museum of Outdoor Arts

Reflections and Ruminations at the Museum of Outdoor Arts presents one of the most comprehensive exhibitions of artwork by Robert Rauschenberg since his death in 2008.   Commonly associated with the Pop Art movement, Rauschenberg gained recognition in New York City collaborating with the likes

Marquis Theater hosts resonating show

TENDER cultivates the perfect atmosphere Opener XYLØ and headliner TENDER made their first appearance together in Denver at the Marquis Theater on February 15. Due to delays in another city, the bands almost didn’t make it, but by luck and determination they arrived,  ready to

Drop the gun, pick up the sword

An increase in the popularity of swords will drive down gun violence The year is 1364. Overall, not very exciting, except for the fact that it is the year of the first ever recorded use of a firearm. The same year society started going downhill.

An Open Letter to Streaming Services

Please stop multiplying Dear entertainment industry, please stop. Consumers enjoy binge-watching television shows on a regular basis, this is true, but stop releasing new streaming services.  Is there really such a demand for Lifetime movies that there needs to be a streaming service for it?

Selena Gomez|Rare|Album Review

Selena Gomez just released her third solo album on January 10 titled Rare. Her last album, Revival, came out five years ago and fans have patiently awaited her return to the music world. However, is this album truly what the fans deserve? A five-year hiatus