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CD REVIEW: Britney Spears

Glory (RCA Records) Britney Spears’ latest album Glory, dropped on Aug. 26. After a year-long dearth of new music, Glory carries on the pop queen’s legacy of producing catchy party-girl anthems perfect for a college sorority bash. Glory tries to put a new edge on

CD REVIEW: Dinosaur Jr.

Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not (Jagjagwar) Dinosaur Jr.’s latest album, Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not, dropped on Aug. 5. Despite a couple stand-out tracks, the album’s overall tone rings in as monotonous and dull. The first track, “Goin Down,” is a


Blonde (Boys Don’t Cry) The hysteria surrounding Frank Ocean began four years ago with the release of his Grammy-winning solo album Channel ORANGE. Fresh from his time with the LA hip-hop collective OFWGKTA (commonly known as Odd Future), Ocean was on top of his game.

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Home Of the Strange (Fueled by Ramen) Young the Giant is arguably one of the most underrated bands out there. With two Top 10 albums under their belt, the band should be rubbing shoulders with Coldplay and The Acid. Now they have the chance to


Atlantic Records Since launching on Aug. 5, Suicide Squad: The Album has become one of the rare movie soundtracks that has the merit to match its record-breaking sales. Unlike the film it represents, Suicide Squad: The Album offers audiences a coherent brand of chaos: its


Guidance (Sargent House) There are very few musicians who can create an album that perfectly balances the elements of lightness and darkness. The three-piece instrumental group, Russian Circles, released their sixth album Guidance on Aug. 5, creating a very new breed of instrumental noise, separating


Johannesburg (Island Records) Mumford & Sons has never been a band to stay in a predictable position for long. Since breaking their waist-coat and banjo-laden sound in Sigh No More and Babel for a more mature arena rock sound in Wilder Minds, the arrival of


Conscious (Capitol Records) New Zealand duo Broods wants listeners to know they are no longer another moody electro band with their sophomore album Conscious. Following the imminent success of the group’s first album, Evergreen, Broods encompasses what it means to create a comeback. It’s more


Naive (Unsigned) CU Denver alum,OptycNerd, released their latest EP, Naive, providing fans new tracks to blast at their summer parties.      This electronic indie-pop band incorporates many aspects of various genres into their music. The song “On The Low” best demonstrates their use of