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The legacy of longstanding Denver venue

El Chapultepec is gone, but not forgotten After more than 80 years, famed Denver jazz venue El Chapultepec closed its doors last December. While the final owner, Angela Guerrero, says that many reasons contributed to her decision, this venue joins a long list of local

A Positive Outlook on A Post-COVID World

Local photogs are hopeful of returning to the pit The words “in these uncertain times” are becoming more of a modern version of nails on a chalkboard than a soothing sentiment, but the fact that the future is uncertain for many people is not one

Seeing live music under 21

Denver’s best venues with shows for all ages Denver has plenty of options to offer for any kind of music lover in the live music department. While some of those options may not be available to those under the age of 21, there’s still plenty

The Legend of El Chapultepec

Local jazz bar boasts major clout The first notion that strikes the mind of a patron of the established El Chapultepec is how unassuming the place seems at first glance. Hardly a stone’s throw away from Coors Field, at the corner of 20th and Market

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Turkuaz pays tribute to Alanis Morissette

Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood Alanis Morissette’s album, Jagged Little Pill, took the world by storm in the 1990s, and she is known for being a singer and songwriter whose been a spokeswoman for all women. Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom proudly presented a collaboration of musicians including

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What’s going on at South by Southwest

An Update from Austin, Texas  In 1986, only universities and the military were using email. Phones had actual dials, gas was 89 cents per gallon, the average monthly rent was $385, and Halley’s Comet skirted by the planet on March 8. That year, the first

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The Mile High’s Do303 launch party

New company curates top events Summit Music Hall hosted a night brimming with free food, live music, and some of the best businesses Denver and Boulder have to offer. Tables lined the walls of the music hall with people proudly representing their restaurants, boutiques, cannabis

Denver’s first 99-cent vinyl pop up sale

 Ryan Dykstra taking vinyl to a new level With the 99-cent sales taking Fort Collins and Boulder by storm, Denverites have been anxiously awaiting the chance for their own city to hold a pop-up sale for vinyl. Opportunity graced Denver on Feb. 3 at Lincoln

K-Pop makes a lasting impact in America

How a boy band is changing the game In the past, Korean pop artists (better known as “K-Pop”) and their corresponding labels have attempted to break through global boundaries, particularly into the American music scene. While some artists, such as popular boy band Big Bang,

Hayley Kiyoko is a new queer pop-icon

Taking queer music into the mainstream Hayley Kiyoko is the icon the music industry has been missing. The 26-year-old former Disney star is taking the world by storm. She is a role model for young queer women and is representing the LGBTQ+ community, one song