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Understand Wall Street Shenanigans with The Big Short

Captivated by the recent GameStop short squeeze story? In awe of the absurdity of  Wall Street and the finance industry altogether? Isn’t there a tangible feeling of tension from a bunch of people who make money just by having money to make money with? Like,

After Seven Years, Attack on Titan’s Final Season Debuts

More than just Blood and Gore Anime became a staple in today’s modern age of television across the globe. From fan favorites like Death Note, Naruto, and My Hero Academia, anime is an exceptional global phenomenon due to its point of storytelling, character development, and

Future of Now Highlights CU Denver Student Work

The show highlights environmental issues Recent graduate of the College of Arts & Media, Jessica Diaz, put together an inspiring exhibition that brings together artists from CU Denver and elsewhere. The Future of Now explores the environmental issues confronting society, with a diverse range of

A Life On Our Planet Gives Humanity a Choice

The sixth mass extinction When the Apollo 8 mission first launched, David Attenborough, an acclaimed broadcaster and natural historian, recalled being in a television studio and getting to see the world isolated in space vicariously through the eyes of the astronauts. “Our home was not

A primer for dystopian classics

Art imitates life imitates art Many students grew up reading books for classes that shaped their perspectives of the world. One type of fiction seeks to illuminate the problems existing in reality through a parallel literary universe. Dystopian works like Brave New World, Nineteen Eighty-Four,

Modern Fun at Glow at the Gardens

The Glow Must Go On Glow at the Gardens is a beloved event that merges the magic of holiday lights with the spooky season.  In past years, the Gardens would go above and beyond like they do with every event, but due to the global

Professor Andrew Scahill speaks on queerness and horror

31 nights of horror feature CU Denver professor As an adaptive way to celebrate the spookiest corners of this season, Nebraska Wesleyan University is hosting an e-event, “Nights of Horror,” showcasing experts on the horror genre, like CU Denver’s own Professor Andrew Scahill, Ph.D., for

Escape to A Feral World by Professor David Liban

For the last four years, Professor David Liban collaborated with students, colleagues, and family to craft the post-apocalyptic film A Feral World. With an accomplished record in filmmaking, earning an Emmy with Mortal Lessons in 2010, Liban is also the Department Chair of Film in