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Stage Devoted to Frightening Tales

THE BAKERY SERVES UP GHOST STORIES The Pandemic Collective is a non-profit theater company devoted to performing horror theater. Their performances engage audiences and artists from all mediums. The company employs artists that are not necessarily within the theater realm, such as graphic designers, photographers,

Doctor Strange Beckons New Marvel Era

DEBUTS TO $85 MILLION With only two infinity stones left to be found ahead of 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War, the culmination of a decade of filmmaking, Marvel can’t afford a serious misstep in their Phase 3 lineup. True to form, they responded to that pressure

What’s The Ultimate Halloween Film?

HOCUS POCUS It’s that time of year again: everyone’s drinking pumpkin spice lattes while kicking their way through fallen leaves and going to haunted houses. But more important things need to be discussed during the Halloween season, like how much better Hocus Pocus is than

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The Girl on the Train: How Does The Film Shape Up?

NEW TO THE STORY The Girl on the Train, based on The New York Times bestselling novel by Paula Hawkins, is a shocking mystery about the murder of a young woman. For those who have not had time to read the book since its release

Young Frankenstein: Gene Wilder’s Seminal Work

CLASSIC FILM RETURNS TO THEATRES Dead is dead!” Dr. Frederick Frankenstein insists in the opening scene of Young Frankenstein, thickly laying the subversive foundation of Mel Brooks’ classic film. Any story playing with Mary Shelley’s classic gothic novel could not leave such a statement alone:

Kubo Innovates Stop Motion Animation

FILM A TREAT FOR EYES, HEARTSTRINGS Kubo and the Two Strings entered theaters in mid-August with a fanfare of critical acclaim. It won international praise for its immaculate stop motion animation, and the thoughtful plot had audiences both cheering and crying in the theaters. The

What fish have to say about disability

Finding Dory Is Honest, Hopeful   Finding Dory landed in theaters in June, and once again the story of tropical fish searching for family members brought down the house. The pristine animation, rollicking plot, and memorable characters swept in more than  $185 million in box