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Technological Impacts of VR

Virtual reality (VR), a simulated virtual experience that seeks to deceive the mind into believing that it is a true reality, is in its infancy today. However, with the rumored upcoming VR headset from Apple and the recently released Oculus Quest 2 from Facebook, the VR industry is picking up speed with a focus on lighter, more accessible headsets

Sex Workers Are Workers

sex addiction is never a valid excuse for violence People often refer to prostitution as the oldest profession in human history—at least, ever since the writer Rudyard Kipling made that claim in 1889. Yet, sex work remains a highly controversial topic in the United States

Jojo Siwa is a Queer Icon

coming out isn’t easy In January 2021, Internet star Jojo Siwa came out. Coming out is inherently a bold expression of bravery, but for someone living under a microscope operated by suburban white moms, coming out is unimaginably courageous, powerful, and inspirational. Jojo Siwa was

Vaccines don’t equal vacation

COVID won’t disappear overnight As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” With that in mind, people around the world and especially in the United States must keep in mind that COVID-19 will not be eradicated in a day, either. After an entire

The Ups, Downs, Pros, and Cons of Online Dating

Is it worth it? The lockdowns may lock people down physically, but hearts and minds roam unfettered and freely through the Internet, seeking connections both socially and romantically. Usage of online dating apps and websites has skyrocketed within the past year. Several viral posts have

Online Bookstore horrors

Tivoli bookstore Site needs an update With each new semester starting, students are expected to purchase textbooks required for their classes. For CU Denver students, they mostly depend on The Tivoli Station’s Bookstore and other outlets. Unfortunately, the Tivoli Station’s online setup is in dire

Meme Mania: Mittens over malice

2021 Memes don’t give the year a chance Only a few weeks into the year and users across all social media platforms have already shut down 2021 with a tsunami of memes. Whether it be the twins from The Shining—one labeled 2020, the other ‘21,