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FROM THE EDITOR: Day for Women

Before CU Denver, I was a proud student at Fort Lewis College. Say what you want about Fort Leisure—I mean Fort Loser—I mean Snort Lewis—it was fun. And it was wholly unique in terms of settings, sitting quietly on top of a plateau overlooking the


We live in an age of fraud. I don’t mean to be dramatic or repeat a bunch of meaningless taglines, but it’s true that nowadays value is only skin-deep. It’s a lesson learned over time—nothing is what it seems to be. I understand why everyone

FROM THE EDITOR: Tivoli Haunts

There are a lot of late nights working for a newspaper, almost infamously. You picture a darkened newsroom filled with the sound of anxious chatter, clicking computers, and shuffling papers. At the Sentry, we hear more than the typical noises late at night when we

FROM THE EDITOR: Milo’s Reminder

As a transfer student, it’s hard to remember just how long I’ve been pursuing my education on this campus., but it’s not hard to remember why. My time at Auraria can be marked each year with Milo’s birthday. Since 2013, each one of my Januarys


The other night, my good friend FuYin invited to me to attend a celebration on campus to see a performance and many familiar faces, at the ICB Club’s annual Spring Festival Banquet, hosted in the Tivoli Turnhalle. The night included a raffle, dumplings, and a

FROM THE EDITOR: Commitment Counts

Some things are not worth committing to, like bangs. Some things are better left as an isolated fling—a brief rendezvous to be reflected upon with rosy retrospection. This newspaper is not one of those things. Every week for years, students have piled into this office

FROM THE EDITOR: Cat in the Box

My cat Trudy was thrilled on Monday when the dining room floor of my apartment began to accumulate cardboard boxes. I can’t explain it, but the cat goes crazy for cardboard. Mostly, she just likes being in boxes that she fits neatly inside of, or