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Noisiest Colorado Band

SLOW CAVES: ROWDY GENRE BENDERS Surf rock is loud. Surf rock is grimy. Surf rock is Slow Caves. With their recently-released EP, Desert Minded, they’ve remained stingingly hot, since showcasing performances at SXSW ‘16 and ‘17 and CMJ. This Fort Collins-based project of slow-burning 90s

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Cutest space for a first date

FREE ALCOHOL AND FLOWERS Dating is hard. From painstakingly finding the right way to ask that special someone out to deciding which scent of deodorant to slather on, myriads of factors influence and steep that frustration. So when it comes to finding a place where

Most exciting gentrification

SHAKE SHACK GRACES DENVER’S PRIVILEDGED Denver is saturated in the craft burger department: Illegal Burger, BurgerFi, Smashburger, Larkburger, and Park Burger, just to name a few. Simultaneously, Denver is seeing an unprecedented stream of outsiders who have put the social landscape of the city in

Noise F.M// William Card

Being the Noise Editor for the Sentry has been a story of the duality between impulse and hesitation, feeling shook and inspired. Merge those experiences and you’ll find something in yourself you never knew was there. “When it comes to making pop music,” Lorde said

Noise F.M. // William Card

Palms sweaty. Back sweaty. Butt slowly getting sweatier. Pores, obviously clogged with salty water. Jeez, this sucks. What do I have in common  with a solid portion of CU Denver students right now? If it’s experiencing the painstaking five-minute wait before a job and internship

Music fests are more than just Coachella

THE THRIVING MUSIC FEST ECONOMY The summer music festival market has become one of the largest targets of exploitation for the booming concert industry. The current slate of 2017 festivals, both nationally and locally, seem to be no exception. In the mid-2000s, the festival and

Noise F.M.// William Card

“The last thing an artist wants to do is sit down and answer your shitty questions.” Goddamn. When I got into the gig of music journalism, I wanted to uncover the hidden stories and surprise-antics of musicians. Constantly looking for the juicy hook, or the

Noise FM// William Card

Music editors try to be nice. We know we tip-toe the fine line between publicly assaulting the career and livelihood of the artists we review. It’s about time I let that slide. What caused this sudden change of life perspective, you may ask? When three

Gargoyles soon to grace Chancellor Horrell’s office

In a student fee referendum survey distributed and tabulated between 1 and 3 p.m. on Tuesday, March 21 of Spring Break, seven students unanimously voted to approve the construction of gargoyles around the windows of Chancellor Dorothy Horrell’s office on the 14th Floor of the