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From the Editor// Savannah Nelson

The best and worst things in life often go hand-in-hand. It’s in our nature to compare and contrast, to hold up the top-tier while noting the bottom-dweller. Charles Dickens captured it eloquently in his opening to A Tale of Two Cities, with “It was the

Best place to avoid responsibilities

DROWN YOUR SORROWS IN A BASKET OF FRIES When the Tivoli Brewery reopened its doors in 2014, the reception was low-key. It was a brewery on campus, after all—introducing intoxication to the grounds of a learning institution: How well could those two entities mix? As

Loudest, Most Obnoxious Opinion

CONSERVATIVE MILLENNIALS AND A MOUTHPIECE It’s unclear who is louder: is it television personality Tomi Lahren or the boys who share her videos and sit uncomfortably close in class? Like her, they’re white, defensive, and can’t seem to see the veil of privilege that they

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Realest television moment

SNL RESPONDS TO THE ELECTION The realest moment on television came from a comedy show that decided to press pause on humor. Following the presidential election, Kate McKinnon opened Saturday Night Live with a hallowing performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” dressed in full Hillary Clinton

Wine slushies on tap at Barrels & Bottles

YOUR SUMMER BREWERY DESTINATION There are worse things to be known for than wine slushies. Barrels & Bottles Brewery in downtown Golden, Colo. makes the most of this word of mouth branding—their house-made brews and rotating specials find their way on the chalkboard menu, but

From the Editor // Savannah Nelson

In August 2015, I was given a new and unfamiliar task. In all of my time as a writer, I never had a platform all my own—especially not one that was published weekly and read by anyone. I’ve since cultivated an editorial voice in a

From to Editor // Savannah Nelson

A year ago I questioned the existence of this paper: Our future was in the hands of student voters, many of which had never heard of the Sentry or the Advocate or Tivoli #345. We had to defend our cause amidst fighting for our sanity.

From the Editor // Savannah Nelson

If you haven’t heard, Greek Life might be coming to CU Denver. There have been student surveys and focus groups garnishing support since the initiative popped up a few years ago. Auraria Campus will likely transform into a more inclusive and student-oriented experience, differing from

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Global Warming to destroy Earth by next week

“IT’S TIME TO TAKE THE WORLD OVER” In a recent turn of events, the world will soon be engulfed in flames. A pledge of total destruction was made to an international audience this weekend, though most of the people in attendance—a mix of worldwide leaders

From the Editor// Savannah Nelson

DON’T READ ON Laughter is poison. It represents the deterioration of our society, and I hate it. I resent jokes and pranks and good times and clutch-your-belly giggles. Humor is dead, and we’d all benefit from cutting ourselves off. I’m a realist. The cup isn’t