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Interactive Ghost Hunting At Denver’s Scariest Park

START OCTOBER WITH A HAUNTING EXPERIENCE October is in full swing, and it seems that everyone is very much in the spirit of fall. After all, Halloween is not only about dressing up and eating candy: history has preserved the integrity of this holiday.  But before diving

Still Corners Takes Deep Dive at Lost Lake

DREAMY SYNTH POP MEETS TWIN PEAKS The London-based synthpop group Still Corners has embarked on their “Dead Blue” tour to promote their newest album Dead Blue which was released on Sept. 16. With a stop at Denver’s Lost Lake Lounge on Oct. 1, the group

Toxic Avenger Gets Musical Adaptation

STILL CAMPY, LOW-BUDGET, AND HILARIOUS The Toxic Avenger is popularly known for its extreme gore and incomprehensibly low budget, but despite the Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufmen film being mostly entertaining to people who are high, the film has achieved a cult classic status. When


Wilco’s 10th studio album, entitled Shmilco, was an unexpected release on Sept. 9. Humorously enough, after 20 years of making music, the musicians have not abandoned their soothing and melancholy habits. Jeff Tweedy, the lead singer of the group, described the album as “joyously negative”

Women of Abstract Art Profiled in Denver Galleries

A SURVEY FROM 1940S TO MODERN DAY The first known art history textbook didn’t  include a single woman artist, though many existed. Since then, women in the arts have come a long way. It is poignant and heartening that major Denver museums and galleries are now dedicating

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Septemburton Celebrates Iconic Director’s New Film

ALAMO DEVOTES MONTH TO TIM BURTON Since the announcement of Tim Burton’s film adaptation of the popular novel Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, it seems as though the world has relapsed into a Tim Burton frenzy. In particular, the Alamo Drafthouse has conjured Septemburton—the

Counseling Centers Reaches Out to Students

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. In America, 42,773 people die by suicide each year. For every successful suicide there are 25 attempts. The average amount of suicides per day is 117. Sept. 5th through 10th is Suicide Prevention Week,

New Urban Fest Highlights Changing City

RINO MUSIC FESTIVAL BARES NEW OPPORTUNITIES Four years ago the RiNo district (the area north of the Platte River) was home to the only two places any sane person would dare venture to: the beloved DIY venue Rhinoceropolis and The Source, a trendy artisanal food


Guidance (Sargent House) There are very few musicians who can create an album that perfectly balances the elements of lightness and darkness. The three-piece instrumental group, Russian Circles, released their sixth album Guidance on Aug. 5, creating a very new breed of instrumental noise, separating

Baroque Selfies Need More Takes

CLASSIC ART, MODERN STYLE   If artists in Baroque-era Italy heard the term “selfie,” an expression of confusion, or perhaps outright bafflement, would likely appear on their faces. Today, the word selfie has become a daily phrase, and has been listed in the Oxford English