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Rocketman failed to lift off

Elton John makes the year’s worst biopic Trailers for Rocketman looked promising. Rather than a traditional rock star biopic, director Dexter Fletcher promised a musical fantasy, in which Elton John’s popular songs were integrated throughout his life story like a Broadway musical. With John’s colorful

Best meme of the decade

Intergenerational bickering is eternal. Older adults have long bemoaned “these damn kids and their music!”   The bickering between baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1965, and millennials (and, to a lesser extent, Gen Z), have been particularly nasty at times. Not only do

Another brick in the wall

We’re elites? I was listening to the Vox podcast The Ezra Klein Show last week with guest Professor Elizabeth Currid-Halkett, who wrote The Sum of Small Things: A Theory of the Aspirational Class. The conversation centered around class mobility and Currid-Halkett made a claim I found

Another brick in the wall

Election Update The pervasive media obsession with the 2020 presidential election may have led many to forget there were elections last Tuesday, Nov. 5. Voter turnout in odd-year elections is notoriously low. The Daily Sentinel estimated 39 percent of Colorado registered voters participated in the

Rep. Jason Crow holds veterans forum at Anschutz

Highlighting veteran stories On Nov. 10, Rep. Jason Crow organized a “Veteran to Veteran” roundtable ahead of Veterans Day at the CU Denver Anschutz campus. Before running for Congress, Crow served two tours as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan.  Crow stated he believed it was

Another brick in the wall

Ghost Town The first morning of the National College Media Convention, Oct. 31, was also the morning Congress voted on the impeachment inquiry: Halloween, perhaps fittingly.  I was up early that morning to meet an acquaintance for coffee in Georgetown, which was covered in Washington

Euphoria Soundtrack | Various Artists | Album Review

HBO/Sony Music Entertainment Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Those familiar with HBO’s Euphoria know it’s unlike any other teen drama of the past 30 years. The television show focuses on a group of high school students facing various issues, including the standard high school dating, but also coming

Another brick in the wall

Why Journalism? As I write this, I am preparing to fly out tomorrow to attend the National College Media Convention in Washington, DC. Unlike some of my peers, I didn’t grow up wanting to be a journalist. I only became interested in journalism as a

Another brick in the wall

Celebrity social commentary The uproar surrounding talk show host Ellen DeGeneres hanging out with George W. Bush over the last few weeks begs the question: why does anyone care about celebrities’ political views?  I don’t mean the question to be dismissive. I actually think it’s