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CD Review // Diet Cig

Swear I’m Good At This // (Frenchkiss Records) Take a moment to remember those awkward series of moments that exemplify being a teenager. Each uncomfortable exchange with a crush, and clunky maneuvering through the the social landscape can be heard in Diet Cig’s debut LP

CD Review // Khalid

American Teen RCA Records   Khalid’s debut LP, American Teen, is made for road trips to the beach. There is nothing mind-blowing here, but  American Teen features enough feel-good songs to keep on a summer playlist. The album has many strong qualities, especially for a

CD Review // Charlie Cunningham

Line // Dumont Dumont Charlie Cunningham’s debut LP entitled Lines showcases not only the British singer’s contemperary instrumental virtuoscity, but his talent in songwriting as well. The album begins with “An Opening,” an apt title for a first track. The track is very telling of what

CD Review // Foxygen

Hang (Jajaguwar) California-based duo Foxygen’s new album Hang is an optimistic start to 2017 in the music world. The album is a circus of unexpected twists and turns giving the listener just enough to hang on to before jerking them into something unfamiliar and out

Louisiana Electro-punk Outfit Gleams Lounge

ROYAL TEETH MOSHES FOR COMMITTED FANS Going to a live concert can be an incredible experience. Seeing an artist  perform their music onstage can give fans a new outlook on their craft. The best concerts are like having an epiphany, experiencing an art that gives

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“I Know Better”(Columbia Records) Veteran R&B singer John Legend released his fifth album DARKNESS AND LIGHT on Dec. 2. The first track “I Know Better” starts the album off strong, setting up high expectations for the rest of the album. Legend expresses his feelings about

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Expansive Improvisations With A Hook

CU PROFESSOR STARTS HIGHLY STYLISHED TRIO Jazz and other improvisational forms of music can be an incredibly divisive subject for music listeners. For some, long drawn-out solos and ample instrumental jamming can take them on an intense musical journey that changes with every concert. For

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Margit’s Stylish Takeover

CU Denver student Britt Margit has accelerated her career in the last few years. Fresh off the first major showcase at Goordin Bros in quite a while, the Sentry had the opportunity to catch up with multi-talented CU Denver singer and songwriter about her trajectory,

CD REVIEW: Green Day

Revolution Radio (Reprise Records) The best artists are the ones that change with every iteration. John Coltrane went from bebop enthusiast to an avant-garde spiritual squealer, Bob Dylan started by imitating Woody Gutherie and turned into a pill-fueled mercury poet. David Bowie initially wrote children’s

CU Personality: Kasey Martinelli

A DOGGONE GREAT ADVOCATE FOR DISABLED STUDENTS Most people go through life not thinking about the simple things that help them get through their day. Things like walking up the stairs, opening a door, and walking around campus to get to class on time are