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Exclusive Look Inside the White House

First Dog Champ Gives his Insights The technology first debuted in the super realistic and 100% totally factually accurate film Isle of Dogs is now being rolled out to the most prestigious dogs around the world. Thoughts from the Queen Elizabeth II’s corgi Muick have

How a black-created music genre became country

Black history in country music Think about the term “country music.” What images or concepts pop up when hearing that? For many, it’s pickup trucks, beer, God, and blue jeans. People like Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, or Johnny Cash. More recently, the person who could

Let people wear sexy costumes

Her body isn’t a threat Walk into an old strip mall, and there’s guaranteed to be a Spirit Halloween in that spot that used to be a Border’s Bookstore. Walk into that Spirit Halloween, and there’s guaranteed to be a swath of outrageous sexy Halloween

Stop using the phrase “Dad Bod”

Stop giving different body types nicknames. Oh, the dad bod. What comes to mind when reading these words? In American popular culture, the phrase “dad body,” or shortened to “dad bod,” refers to a body shape common in middle-aged men. Think no more six-pack and

Study break songs

Half of the battle for kicking butt in a class is just sitting down and doing the work. A good way to encourage actually doing the work? Reward the hard work with the perfect study break. Detox the brain and prevent throwing off the study

Amanda Blackman’s Dark Place

Lost in the Woods If I sat down to talk to freshman year Amanda, I don’t know what I’d tell her. You’re going to change your major twice, change one of them to your minor, get a dream internship and love it, then decide to

Amanda Blackman’s Dark Place

The meaning of it all I’m actually impressed that I went a whole semester with nobody asking me, “Why did you name your column that?” I was asked about what I’d name it in general terms, and when I said “Amanda Blackman’s Dark Place,” I

Amanda Blackman’s Dark Place

Alone In my younger and more vulnerable years I gave myself some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since. By that I mean my freshman year when I was still an English major, I said something while studying for all of

Amanda Blackman’s Dark Place

Like most of us, the new forever-at-home vibe to life has changed my sleeping schedule. For some people I know (aka my husband), bedtimes are getting pushed way back. Some people I know of are even becoming fully nocturnal. Their bedtime hovers around 7am, and