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CU Denver celebrates cultural diversity

Students experience campus diversity With a swipe of a student ID, doors were open to CU Denver’s fourth annual Cultural Diversity Festival held in the Tivoli Turnhalle on Feb. 27. The event, intended to celebrate the diversity of CU Denver’s campus and students, featured various

Auraria Campus’ future is looking green

Chris Herr makes new goals for the SCP Auraria’s Sustainability Campus Program (SCP) has become aware of reducing the ecological footprint of this campus over the past few years they established. A pilot for a new composting program has been running in the Tivoli. There

Scalper bots are ruining the industry

Concert-goers need to take back the power There’s a dark power that has been unrestricted for many years, thriving on innocent concert attendees’ wallets. Its grip has wrung wallets dry, and now it has become too strong to be stopped. Venues like the Ogden, the

Westword’s 23rd Artopia dazzles

Celebration of Colorado culture Artopia isn’t just an art show: it’s an art immersion experience. The event was appropriately held on Feb. 23, as it was the event’s  23rd anniversary. It’s Westword’s biggest event of the year and took place at the Church Nightclub on

Ought | Room Inside The World | Album Review

Record Label: Merge Records Rating: 3 out of 5 stars Released on Feb. 16, Room Inside the World is Ought’s third full-length album. Identified as a half-art-punk and half-post-punk band, this Canadian quartet’s album has a tranquil fusion of melancholy melodies and avant-garde lyrics. The

Mission Impossible: Fallout | Trailer Review

The Mission Impossible franchise is releasing its sixth movie, titled  Fallout. The recently released trailer is, unsurprisingly, packed with all the makings of an MI film—violence, love, drama, and betrayal. The trailer opens with a bird’s eye view of Paris at dusk as a piano