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Fearless, Taylor Swift re-recording history

Singer slowly gains control of masters A few weeks ago, the astute music lover and average fan alike might’ve noticed that Taylor Swift was trending on iTunes and Spotify. “But didn’t ‘You Belong With Me’ come out like 15 years ago?” they might’ve asked themselves.

Stop the streaming madness

Streaming services run rampant From Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and the countless others, it seems like every major television network and those outside of that like Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, and Sling are trying to start their own streaming services to hop on

The Plot Thickens

Stalling Dreams When I entered film school freshman year, I had two things on my mind that I would come out being a pro at: writing and directing. Every film major at CU Denver is required to take three writing courses, two during your first

The Plot Thickens

Hi, my name is J Two and a half years ago I attended my first pitch night. I was much more excited than nervous and I pitched a story about James Cameron claiming that the film Wonder Woman wasn’t feminist. I was lucky and soon-to-be-editor-in-chief

The Plot Thickens

Long Distance According to my calculations, I have three best friends from Alabama: Dwight, Asher, and Brendan. While I haven’t seen any of them face to face since summer 2018, I try my best to keep in contact with them, even across the country. My

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Facts #2 Since I’m stuck inside with him all day, I thought why not write some facts about Isaiah? You’re welcome. Isaiah is taller than me by several inches. Tall enough to reach the top of the cabinets without a step ladder at least. I

The Plot Thickens

A New Sentry As Editor-in-Chief of The Sentry for the 2020-21 Academic Year, I’ve decided to turn The Sentry into an exclusive Christopher Nolan fan club. But, Do. Not. Worry. The Sentry will remain a weekly publication, however all the sections will be, from here

The Plot Thickens

My thoughts on the bus ride to work I often take my laptop with me to work and use it to do other work on the way to work. Here are my unadulterated thoughts while going to work today (or at least all the thoughts

Regan Harrison | Tinder (Profile) | Single Review

Out of Your League Records Rating: Thumbs Up She’s nice. She’s talented. She’s getting her master’s in philosophy. It’s Regan Harrison! Making a fresh appearance as a solo act after several years of serving as a backup singer to the artist formerly known as Frat Boi Nick, Regan is ready to mingle. She