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Mailing Address:
CU Denver Sentry
P.O. Box 173364
Campus Box 83
Denver, CO 80217- 3364

Phone: (303) 315-7290


Alexander Elmore

Managing Editor

Kaia Stallings

STAFF 2020-2021

Editor-in-Chief| Alexander Elmore
Managing/Forum Editor| Kaia Stallings

News Editor| Lorraine Kelly
Leisure Editor| Amanda Blackman
Noise Editor| Kennedy Erhart
Copy Editor| Trevor Leach
Copy Editor|  Isaiah Mancha
Design Editor| Alex Stallsworth
Photography Editor| John Mazzetta
Program Coordinator/Advertising| Natasha Sherrod
Faculty Advisor| Teague Bohlen


Looking for an archive pre-2016? With the recent transition between The Advocate and The Sentry, most files pre-2016 aren’t available for online viewing/digital format. All archives are also publicly available in The Sentry HQ in the Tivoli Student Union Suite #345. Contact: for further assistance.