Death Metal Legends Re-Awaken Denver Metal Scene

A year without concerts seemed unimaginable up until 2020.
When the reality hit, many musicians struggled financially, and their supporters and fans struggled emotionally; lacking the connection, energy, and excitement that a live concert brings. When live concerts came back around, music fans of all genres were ecstatic. So when metalheads heard legendary death metal group Deicide was touring along with Kataklysm & Internal Bleeding at the Marquis Theater, they brought the exact energy you’d expect from a room full of headbangers who haven’t been able to experience ear-splitting riffs onstage for a whole year. The concert got off to a strong start with New Hampshire up-and-coming band Begat the Nephilim. The melodic death metal group set the stage with vocals similar to those of Cattle Decapitation and The Black Dahlia Murder, and riffs that expertly blended melodic death metal and deathcore styles together.
Although they weren’t headlining, New York’s Internal Bleeding definitely
stole the show. Their set was short but sweet, filled with heavy breakdowns reminiscent of old-school hardcore, intense riffs, and speedy drumming. Often being credited as the inventors of the extreme metal subgenre, slam metal, their performance reminded audience members why they hold that title in the first place. They combined a mix of hardcore, death
metal, and chugging slam riffs to create their unique sound. The energy between Internal Bleeding and the audience seemed to constantly flow through each other in a constant loop of headbanging, moshing, and audience-to-band engagement. The New vocalist Steve Worley was
even seen interacting with fans between sets. Worley commented that although he loves playing in Colorado, the air is a little thin for his taste. After Internal Bleeding, Kataklysm took the stage. The Canadian death metal band mostly played songs from their most recent album, Unconquered, as well as hits from their Juno award-winning
2015 album Of Ghosts and Gods while throwing in some older hits as well. Their performance was professional, energetic,
and kept the audience on their toes the whole time. Joining Internal Bleeding and Kataklysm were death metal legends Deicide from Florida. As much as Deicide kicks ass musically, their set just wasn’t as energetic and exciting compared to Internal Bleeding. Vocalist and bassist Glenn Benton seemed grouchy and tired, claiming that at another show on tour,
someone threw something at him and understandably soured his mood. “If
anyone pulls that shit here, I’m walking off the stage and not playing.” After that announcement, Benton seldom made any comments during the set that were of significance. Even though Benton’s mood wasn’t the best, he still brought a thrilling performance with his signature growls, screams, and meaty bass riffs. Guitarists and backup vocalists Kevin Quirion and Chris Canella gave incredible riffs and vocals that harmonized and
complimented Benton’s in a unique way. They played some favorite songs, including “Once Upon the Cross” and “Dead by Dawn”. They had the most unique merch out of all the bands, selling novelty items like puzzles and even a Deicide-brand hot sauce. After a fun-filled night of brutal death metal, pizza, beer & camaraderie, Denver metal fans are all in agreeance
that it feels good to be part of the scene again.

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