The Lynx Crossing Resident Experience

Many students enjoy the opportunity to have their own space away from home. || Photo by: Enzi Gaydos

An Inconsistent but Mostly Positive Experience

For those who are thinking about living in Lynx Crossing housing for their time as a student, the experiences of other students may be valuable. The following are some of those experiences, which range from entirely positive to somewhat mixed. 

The majority of residents interviewed were entirely content with their experience at Lynx Crossing. “I enjoy the fact that it’s chill and quiet. I dig having my own place. It’s close to all the classes,” said one resident. Another resident commented, “I enjoy living here. It’s a lot better than living at home compared to last year.” Another said, “In terms of the actual cleanliness and quality of the space, they feel fine. The dorm rooms have been nice size, nice conditions. In terms of the actual dorm rooms and spaces, I feel very happy with it.” 

The excitement of living away from home is enough for many students, with Lynx Crossing housing allowing students to occupy their own space without needing to worry about others. The calm, quiet atmosphere can be partially attributed to the attitude of keeping to yourself that seems to permeate the Lynx Crossing halls, and partially to the walls and flooring being sturdy enough to absorb most sound. 

Not all reviews were entirely positive, with one student calling the housing “a mixed bag in some ways.” They cited the “level of communication between decisions happening with management” as being part of the issue, as it has “led to some chaos.”  

One of the most dramatic changes to Lynx Crossing this semester has been the Eat Market. It was originally two separate rooms, with a dining hall in one room and a café in another, but they were combined this semester to create the Eat Market. Due to these changes, the Eat Market has been very inconsistent, with it frequently being shut down and changing dramatically without any prior notice to residents. In reference to this, a student commented that, “the eating hall feels very chaotic, it feels like a lot of the employees there and people just kind of don’t always have a grasp on what’s going on and it feels like it shifts every single week.” 

There is also the recent issue of the residents’ access to printing, which was temporarily taken away without any notice. This same student did suggest a solution to these issues, proposing “a bit more communication from the management team here to the residents around what kind of shifts are happening,” as “we’re constantly having to adapt without any real clue what’s going on.” 

The experience of living at Lynx Crossing is, for the most part, positive, according to everyone interviewed. The dorms are clean, quiet, and appropriately sized. The main issue has been the lack of communication between management and Lynx Crossing staff and residents, which results in frequent unexpected changes. Hopefully, as the semester continues, this will change for the better.

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