Hobbies should be fun

Hobbies are meant to be enjoyed, not perfected. || Photo: Alice Mach

It’s okay to be “bad” at a hobby

Whether it’s sports, video games, or art, many people will partake in a hobby to pass time. However, there are times when people will shy away from their favorite activities because they compare themselves to others or think their hobbies are unusual. This is a negative mindset that should be dismissed because hobbies are something people should enjoy doing regardless of their popularity. Having fun isn’t— and shouldn’t be—a contest.

One reason why people have hobbies is that they think the activity is amusing. Happiness is a subjective thought, and each person has their own way of getting it. If people start judging their hobbies by the quality of work they get from it, the enjoyment is lost. The activity now feels like an evaluation of one’s own work rather than letting loose. This may also lead people to compare themselves to other people’s skills in the same hobby, which can lower the person’s self-esteem or even make them quit it entirely. With the presence of social media, it is easy to see people doing the same thing, and it’s natural to compare things. However, people should look at other people’s amazing work and apply it to their own work or hobby rather than judge themselves for being “worse.”

When people are doing their hobbies, the comparisons they make should not be with other people. People should compare their hobbies to themselves. In other words, a person should see their growth in their favorite activities. An example can be drawn in music and art: people should see how much they’ve improved from the beginning until now. If they didn’t continue their hobbies, they wouldn’t have had any sort of accomplishment for themselves. With this mindset, people can keep a positive attitude towards themselves and continue to improve their craft. It’s good to remember that everybody starts at the bottom with everything. An example can be drawn from Torrey Devitto from the TV show Chicago Med. Even though her primary career is acting, she still enjoys playing for enjoyment. She was allowed to show off her talents on the show by playing with another violinist. 

If people do their hobbies for the enjoyment factor, then their hobbies may let them connect with other people. There are others who enjoy the same activities, and this can lead to unpredictable conversations and connections. What is the point of a hobby if people don’t want to share it? Sharing the hobby may inspire others to join in, or it can allow people to enjoy what other people are creating. Video games and sports can be applied here. Building communities allows for others to find new interests or simply watch others have fun.  

Hobbies shouldn’t be a competition. If they were a competition, people would fight to be the best rather than enjoying the activity itself. Yes, there are people who like being competitive, but not everything should be intense. If a person is enjoying their hobby but isn’t as skillful as other people, the question they shouldn’t ask themselves is, “Am I good enough?”

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