An Emotional Response To The Enneagram

The Enneagram Test is an interactive personality test that uses the Enneagram Model of Personality. This model puts human personality into nine different categories, them being;

  • Type One: The Reformer, rational and idealistic
  • Type Two: The Helper, caring, and interpersonal
  • Type Three: The Achiever, successful
    and pragmatic
  • Type Four: The
    Individualist, sensitive, and withdrawn
  • Type Five: The Investigator,
    intense and cerebral
  • Type Six: The
    Loyalist, committed and security
  • Type Seven: The Enthusiast, busy, and fun-loving;
  • Type
    8: The Challenger, powerful and dominating
  • Type Nine:
    The Peacemaker, easygoing and self-effacing.
    The test consists of roughly 40-50questions that place the taker with one of these personality types, along with a type they also lean or “wing” towards, since it’s hard to place people into one category, this serves as the “second half ” of someone’s personality. The test itself is fun and for the most part, pretty accurate too. However, what’s interesting is not only the results of the test but also an album that came out years after this test was created. Artist Sleeping at Last released an album in 2019 titled Atlas: Enneagram, each of the songs tailoring specifically to each of these personality types. Each of the songs utilize the most emotional elements of music to reach the listener, from somber piano chords to lyrics too specific to ignore. The combination of taking this test, knowing what personality type fits, and then listening to the song that goes along with said personality type is an experience that everyone should try just once. Sleeping at Last does an incredible job at picking apart and pinpointing the most vulnerable parts of these personality types and putting them into song. The songs are made in a way that makes it easy for the listener to let their guard down and let the raw feeling of the songs flow through their body, it feels like the artist is talking directly to the listener. It’s this element that makes it so easy to have a strong emotional response to the songs. They’re gentle, a calming lullaby for the fears that tend to creep into the minds of those with these personality types, and it seems like the artist knew exactly that. This, coupled with string arrangements from heaven, and tender but powerful vocals, it’d be impossible to not break down into tears while listening. This test and album are wonderful listening and overall personal experiences that anyone could benefit from. It’s a great way to get to know friends, family, and anyone else on a deeper level. Get together and play everyone’s song type! It may be a crying fest, but it will be well worth it.
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