Why Spotify is the Best Music Genre

Spotify gives its' users a personalized listening experience

There are countless music streaming services out there, and for most people, the one they choose to use doesn’t really matter. Apple Music, Pandora, and even Amazon music all have great things to offer to their userbase. However, for those seeking to discover countless new songs, albums, and artists to listen to on a weekly basis, Spotify is without a doubt the best contender. The algorithm works particularly hard to give users unique suggestions for music, based on what they listen to. On the homepage of Spotify’s desktop app users are greeted with a plethora of different playlists to hop into. There is the “uniquely yours” category that includes playlists that are constantly changing. For example, the ‘repeat rewind’ playlist shows users songs that they have played on repeat in the past. The best of all these, however, is the “Discover Weekly” playlist. This playlist pushes out new songs to users every Monday. 30 random new songs every week for listeners to consume. That’s the beauty of discover weekly, if there is a song that doesn’t fit the taste of the users, they can simply dislike it and the algorithm will try its best to not show songs that are similar in nature. For the most part, this works extremely well and is something that is exciting to look forward to on a weekly basis. There are also daily mix playlists that are a fusion of the user’s music and new songs similar to the genre of the mix. These daily mixes serve as the perfect combination of fresh new tunes and familiar songs to sing along to. It’s refreshing, it’s fun and it honestly just makes sense to have a feature like this for listeners to revisit every day. If curated playlists do not sound appetizing, then the search page alone will help any music guru on their endeavor for new songs. At first, it can be wildly overwhelming, however, it’s easy to navigate, and most importantly, really fun to fall into. There are hundreds of options to choose from, ranging from user’s top genres, podcasts, moods, and more. Seriously, it is impossible to not find at least one new song a week using Spotify.
Then, of course, there’s the social aspect of Spotify. Listeners can easily see what their friends are tuning into with the click of a button. Sifting through thousands of playlists isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so this makes it easy to stay connected and find new songs through friends. Recommendations have never been easier. Friends profiles include their public playlists, recently played artists, and all the artists they’re following. This is just another way to fall into a musical rabbit hole. Finding new music has never been more entertaining. Spotify offers such a rich experience
to users as they make the playlists tp their lives.

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