Gorillaz EP: Meanwhile

3/5 stars

Gorillaz’s new EP consists of three forgettable songs that have some good elements but fall short of adding together to make a cohesive project.
The first song of this EP, “Meanwhile,” starts with some phenomenal production in its first half. The beat’s many intricate little sounds mix together well to create a nice, cool atmosphere that provides a cushion for the rap that dances on top of it. The steel drums included especially add to this effect. The song, unfortunately, fails to capitalize on this as when the rapping is replaced with singing, the track loses some of its characters. This leads to it trailing off into a repetitive lead synth that completely takes over.
The second song in this EP, “Jimmy Jimmy,” is like Gorillaz’s way to pay homage to the punkish jams by some artists in the late 70s. It bears some resemblance to songs like “London Calling” by The Clash but provides a Gorillaz flavor to the formula rather than purely mimicking that sound. This song is catchy— and probably the best in the EP but still falls short of
real memorability. The third and final song in the EP is “Déjà Vu,”
which only serves to call back to some of the dub and reggae styles from early Gorillaz releases. Outside of that, this song does not add much to the EP and adds to the feeling that these were just three songs that weren’t good enough to pair with any larger releases. Despite the songs themselves being decent, this EP was unfortunately underwhelming as it relied too much on homages to stand on its own as a satisfying project. As was mentioned, it feels as though this EP was the destination for throwaway songs that were not worthy of accompanying any more impressive EPs or albums. None of the tracks were so bad that they stood out, nor were they good enough to demand more than a few listens.

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