Seriously, Senior?

Superior September Birthday

The best thing about being the column right before Ben’s is that I could potentially spoil any fun information that he wants to talk about in his column. Seeing as how his desk is directly in front of mine, it’s pretty easy to figure out what he’s going to be writing about every week. Here’s something! Today (Sept. 7, 2021) is his 22nd birthday. That is all cool and dandy but uh, MY birthday is exactly 10 days from now. Let me be the first to say that Sept. 17 has a WAAAY better ring to it than Sept. 7 does I mean, whoever wrote about being seven? No one! But ABBA did make a certified banger with the lyrics, “You are the dancing queen/Young and sweet/only seventeen.”That’s got to count for something. Actually…I know it does and, that means that my birthday is superior. That’s okay, that’s a burden that I am willing to carry. We can fight to the death about it if you don’t agree, Ben. Also, I’m the one who told the entire Sentry staff not to bring cake today for Ben’s birthday. Yessir, it was me! manicial evil laughter

On another note, the very first episode of The Sentry Podcast for this semester is coming out in a few weeks! I’m super excited since I’m handling the first episode. I’m still working out the kinks of what exactly I’m going to
be talking about, but I think I have a pretty solid idea. I could tell you all, but then that would ruin the surprise of it all. I guess you’ll just have to tune in on Sept. 22 to find out what I could be alluding to! In fact, by reading this column you have agreed to listen to the episode.Yup, every single pair of eyes that powers through this column. I have a magical list that automatically tells me who has read this. I will be sending out emails! Don’t make me chase you! Otherwise, I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and is looking forward to another week here at CU Denver. Catch y ’all next week.

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