Campus was beyond missed

Students are back on campus and loving every minute of it || Photo by: April Kinney

Here are a few things students missed about being on campus

CU Denver is arguably one of the most beautiful campuses Colorado has to offer. Being in the heart of downtown Denver offers a vibrant and exciting college experience unlike any other. Being away from campus for a school year may have been hard, but it truly helped students appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the Auraria Campus. While it’s hard to think of everything, here’s a small sample of some of the aspects of campus we all missed the most.  

One of the most prominent things students missed about Auraria Campus is being directly downtown. With two light rail stations on either side of campus, the majority of downtown Denver is easily accessible and fun to explore. 16th Street Mall and Union Station are just a short train ride away, and from there, it’s easy to visit places like the Denver Art Museum, or the Museum of Contemporary Aart. Plus, wandering around Denver is a great way to get exercise!  

While the food options on and around campus are not the best, they are certainly not the worst, and add some variety to a post-quarantine diet. With plenty of options for every diet and preference, it feels good to be surrounded by so many options and no longer being limited to what’s in the pantry. One of the places I missed the most is Los Molinos, a student favorite with great deals on delicious, authentic Mexican food. They now have a space in the Tivoli where they sell breakfast burritos and delicious street tacos.  

Having access to a gym isn’t always easy. Some people can’t afford a membership, or struggle with motivation to even go to the gym. The CU Denver Wellness Center is a great way to get back into a workout routine and make some friends along the way. It’s such a good feeling to go back to group fitness meetings, advice from personal trainers, and having access to Colorado’s great outdoors thanks to the adventure rentals! For those who still prefer an online workout environment, the wellness center website has a full video library of workouts that are easy to do at home. So even if someone misses the wellness center, they can still get a taste of it from home.    

Overall, Auraria Campus students, faculty and staff  are grateful to finally experience the joy of downtown Denver in person. After a year of being stuck at home and studying online, being  back on campus is refreshing. From getting to meet professors in person, enjoying a cup of Starbucks with  friends, to walking around the downtown are and taking it all in, the Auraria Campus is a great place to be, and we at The Sentry are glad to see everyone back! 

Here are some other things Sentry Staff missed!

  • Emmanuel Gallery
  • Stopping to say hello to friends
  • The Wellness Center
  • Spotting cute outfits
  • Los Molinos
  • Saffron Grill
  • Going to the Tivoli to study
  • Snow on campus
  • Watching people socialize

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