Best Pokemon Cards of the Year

A definitive ranking of collectable Pokemon cards. Illustration: Coleman Conley · The Sentry

Ranking the best Pokemon cards

A definitive ranking of collectable Pokemon cards. Illustration: Coleman Conley · The Sentry

Everyone is aware that the  1999 first edition holographic  Charizard card is one of the most sought-after Pokemon cards. It’s rare, sick-looking, and incredibly expensive. Sadly, the average Joe doesn’t have 2,000 dollars lying around to burn on a single Pokemon card. This is why, right here, today, this list will be providing the best (and for the most part affordable) Pokemon cards out there.

1. 1999 first edition Meowth 

The best thing about the original 1999 Pokemon cards is the art style of the cards. The drawings are hand-drawn, not digitally done like the newer cards. Meowth’s card features him sitting atop a stack of gold coins, calm and content without the influence of Jesse and James.

2. 1999 Eevee 

Similar to Meowth, Eevee’s card is hand-drawn and the colors on this particular card stand out so much. Furthermore, Eevee looks so adorable chasing around the yellow butterfly that’s in the card.

3. 2009 and 1999 Vulpix

Vulpix has always been fierce, however, these two particular cards really showcase this. The 1999 Vulpix card is sweet and simple; the background is black with tiny sparkles coming off the Pokemon to show that Vulpix is the star of the show. The 2009 card shows Vulpix mean mugging in a forest, ready for any fight that anyone is willing to start. Thanks to Mitsuhiro Arita for this wonderful art.

4. 1999 Goldeen 

Need there be more said? Goldeen’s low eyelids are serving mystery lover passing by on a Saturday night! The glistening water that Goldeen is splashing out of is sparkly like brand new diamonds. This is by far the sassiest Pokemon card. 

5. 1999 Pikachu

He’s a chonky boy, and truthfully this is the Pikachu that is the most valid. 

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