Out of the house, into these coffee shops

These cafes are perfect for finding welcoming spaces and getting work done.
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top picks for cafes across Denver

Online classes have proved themselves to be challenging for many students, and treacherously mundane. Long hours in front of the computer screen take their toll, straining tired eyes and inducing back pain, amongst all the other unique drawbacks that come with sitting in Zoom classes for hours at a time. One of the best options to make Zoom classes more exciting is to make the best of the situation and try to get a change of scenery. Fortunately, small business coffee shops across Denver provide a welcome sanctuary away from home to get some studying done, or simply to relax after a long day of classes.

Whittier Café is a black-owned business located just a few blocks west of City Park. Named Westword’s “Best Coffee Shops for Activists” in 2019, Whittier serves up delicious pastries, paninis, espresso-based beverages, and teas. The eclectic café also hosts several weekly events, including an Ethiopian coffee ceremony on Sundays at 2 p.m. Barista T’Ann James, gave her insight on Whittier’s continued success, explaining that “we really connect with customers. People really love our vibe.” For students, Whittier has no shortage of patio seating, as well as free Wi-Fi.

Coffee at the Point (The Point), also a black-owned business, is a vibrant café and meeting space located in the heart of the Five Points neighborhood. A focus of The Point is giving back to the community, and according to their website, “The Point is community inspired and community driven as it donates 95% of space to nonprofits and other meeting groups.” The Point’s menu includes coffee, tea, and smoothies, in addition to a variety of breakfast sandwiches, salads, soups, and gelatos. In terms of study space, the café has no shortage of seating, with over 3,000+ square feet of indoor and patio seating, in addition to meeting spaces which can be reserved online. For those commuting to The Point via car, free covered parking is available as well.

The Bardo Coffee House, located on South Broadway, is a cozy coffee shop with a unique allure. As barista Sarah Craft explained, “The late hours, full top tables with room for four, and indoor seating is a big draw for us.” Late at The Bardo, isn’t 6 or 7 p.m. like many other shops; students can stop in for a caffeine jolt anytime between 6 a.m. and 12 am. That’s right—midnight. The Bardo provides the unusual luxury of a late-night study session away from home and does so seven days week. As far as menu items go, The Bardo offers an assortment of espresso-based beverages, hot teas, and brewed coffee drinks such as their nitro cold brew. And for the early morning study sessions that are a little too early, The Bardo also offers bottomless cups of coffee.

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