Elon doesn’t deserve the hype.

Musk is no more than false promises and money. Photo courtesy of Inverse.com

The man is more hype than substance.

Musk is no more than false promises and money.
Photo courtesy of Inverse.com

Elon Musk–  one of the richest people on earth.  He’s seen as one of the most innovative and pioneering minds in the business, aerospace, and entrepreneurial industries. With an extremely loyal, but naïve group of supporters, Musk garners a ridiculous amount of praise, hype, and money. The reality is Elon Musk is terrible; he is unhinged, a liar, and more hype than substance. There is no denying how successful Tesla or SpaceX is; the electric car market is one that he has a current advantage on and is prompting major car companies to create fully electric cars themselves. SpaceX is constantly pushing the boundary on what we believe rockets can do, furthering the American aerospace industry. Where Elon becomes unbearable is with his endless lies and promises. In 2019 Musk claimed that Tesla would have a million robo taxis by 2020.  He was quoted in a Business Insider article written by Graham Rapier saying “Next year for sure, we’ll have over one million robo taxis on the road”. This move allowed Tesla to raise nearly 2.3 billion dollars on that promise. It is currently September 2020, there are no robo taxis on our roads and Tesla still doesn’t have the technology for this

In an article written by Roberto Baldwin titled “Tesla Reports Only 12.2 miles of Autonomous Mode Testing in 2019” simply proves that Tesla does not have the technology. “Tesla reported, for 2019, only one autonomous drive in the state, of a mere 12.2 miles, and no disengagements. For comparison, Waymo reported nearly 1.5 million miles and Cruise claimed more than 830,000 for 2019” stated Baldwin.  

The robo taxi fiasco is the perfect representation of who Musk is and how he operates. Musk has to promise the whole pie before he even begins baking or looking to see if he has the right ingredients.  Musk tweets promises and irrational ideas to his audience of sycophants and allows the hype of tweets and internet clicks to raise the value of his company. How absurd does someone have to be to promise a million of something that they don’t even have the ability to create?  Here is a reality teslabros do not want to hear; Tesla will not control the electric car industry based solely on their incompetent leader. The major manufacturers in the car industry; Toyota, Ford, Mercedes, Porsche, and BMW, among others are adjusting and creating cars that perform better, and are significantly cheaper than the overhyped sedan. Elon Musk is no doubt innovative and a smart man, but he needs to stop promising so much. Stop telling the world Tesla is going to create a million robo taxis; just do it. Stop saying SpaceX will colonize Mars; just do it. It’s best if people stopped giving him attention until he proves himself for once.

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