The 2020 election could be life or death for some.

Democracy in the US is in jeopardy

This year’s election is a race against time for liberty and justice.
Illustration: Amber Malom · The Sentry

For many, the United States of America is a place of opportunity to make a better life for themselves. “The American Dream” has time and time again inspired people around the globe and brought them to Lady Liberty for a democratic nation. The first November election occurred in 1788, and every four years since then, citizens have done their civic duty to vote for the leader they feel is the best for the country. Now, in 2020, the United States faces one of the most important elections in history. An election that will be life or death for Americans put at risk through President Donald Trump’s reign.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has been a federal institution for over 250 years and employs around half a million Americans across the country. Donald Trump wants it gone for personal political reasons. CNN Politics notes President Trump is against funding the USPS for the election because “He doesn’t want to see it used for mail-in voting this November.” Trump is continuously trying to put people at risk, such as those who rely on the USPS for medication. If the 2020 election falls in Trump’s favor, the

USPS might be defunded and private companies like UPS or FedEx could charge more for the act of sending a letter. 

It is no secret that President Trump’s own bigoted ideals have led to a rise in racial tensions and the boldness of white-supremacist groups. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups and teaches tolerance, conducted a study 16 days after Trump was announced the next president of the US. They interviewed thousands of schools and determined, “Eight in 10 (schools) report heightened anxiety on the part of marginalized students.” This anxiety has grown, and now the US is facing another major civil rights movement after the death of George 

Floyd. Tensions continue to rise and riots on both sides continue to escalate as November draws near. People have died due to incidents caused by people emboldened by Trump’s actions, and this violence will only continue if he is elected for a second term. 

On top of these factors, there is still a very real global pandemic occurring. Over 190 thousand Americans have died due to the government failing to take adequate health procedures, despite specialists urging for quarantine. Trump supporter or not, people in the United States are dying at a higher rate than any current country on the planet. The CDC has urged people to wear a face mask to protect others, and yet Trump has twisted it to the point where people are actively coughing in the faces of others at the mention of wearing one. Thousands of people are dead due to negligence by the current administration and those that support it. COVID-19 will not disappear with 2020, and if Trump continues to rule then it will last much longer than a year.

The US has seen unprecedented turmoil since the 2016 election. Voters should be scared for the future of their elections. President Trump has proven he only cares for his own interests when he should be objectively representing the country. Voters must do their civic duty this November if they want positive and life-saving change for their country.

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