The Sentry’s advice to incoming students

College can be challenging, but these tips can help students enjoy their time here. Photo: Taelar Pollmann The Sentry

College can be challenging, but these tips can help students enjoy their time here.
Photo: Taelar Pollmann The Sentry

tips on how to make the most out of college

It’s easy to get caught in the daily routines and activities of the college life but spare some time to make sure you don’t get behind. Set a reminder in your calendar at the start of every semester to set up a meeting with your advisor to see if you’re on track, taking the classes you’re supposed to, but most importantly creating a plan that works best for you.
— Jaleesia Fobbs

Freshman year of college is one of the most exciting times of a person’s life. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends, pick up a new interest or hobby, and discover what you want to do with the rest of your life. One of the best pieces of advice I can give to an incoming college freshman is to explore all the options and resources available to you. Talk to your advisor and visit career/major fairs. Join clubs and extracurricular activities! They’re a great way to get to know people with similar interests and make time for fun and hobbies during your busy college life.
— Taylor “Kat” Goodman

As much as we try to dispel it, there’s an instinctive stigma looming over failure. But failure’s fault in our non-fulfilment is a complete fallacy. This is not to encourage flunking a test you know you could’ve aced but to go out and try something you fear you will fail at—whether it be social, academic, or personal. In college, you will likely find trepidation in what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and who you really are. The more you fail at new things, the less you’re afraid of, and the less you let fear’s grip dictate your life.
— Tommy Clift

Because CU Devner is primarily a commuter campus, it can feel like college ends when you walk out of class, but that’s not the truth. If you look carefully at the flyers hung just about everywhere on Auraria, there’s a movie night, club meeting, or free food event happening every single day. If you stroll across Speer Blvd, you’ll find Downtown Denver, where the activities are endless. Plus, always ask about student discounts. Don’t let your college experience begin and end with going to class, and try to find the fun people and places outside your dorm, apartment, or classroom.
–Alexander Elmore

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