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Monthly Archives: June 2020

Seeing live music under 21

Denver’s best venues with shows for all ages Denver has plenty of options to offer for any kind of music lover in the live music department. While some of those options may not be available to those under the age of 21, there’s still plenty

Songs for walking to class

It is a new and exciting time of year, when transitions are being made from one grade to the next, from high school to college, from college to the mystical realm of the “real world.” The time everyone has between classes is one of these

Songs to unpack to

Moving into a dorm or apartment to begin a new chapter as a college freshman can seem daunting with stacks of boxes needing to be moved and unpacked. Instead of grueling over this labor in silence, up-beat songs can ease this transition and make it

Study break songs

Half of the battle for kicking butt in a class is just sitting down and doing the work. A good way to encourage actually doing the work? Reward the hard work with the perfect study break. Detox the brain and prevent throwing off the study

Single Review | Mike Posner | Move On

Freshman year, a time of new beginnings and music. Mike Posner’s “Move On” is a single that it is uplifting and will give incoming freshmen and others an extra pep in their step. A song from the album A Real Good Kid, “Move On” has

CU Denver born artists

CU Denver student artists to look out for Downtown Denver holds no shortage of local musicians. In fact, many are moving here just for that purpose. With CU Denver and Music and Entertainment Industry Studies (MEIS)centered in the heart of it all, it’s no surprise


R.I.P. 2 My Youth Growing up in a small town in Wyoming, my concert going experiences were limited for most of my life until my freshman year of college when I moved to Denver. I typically only went to one concert a year and the

CU Denver bucket list

Notable activities to check off during undergrad Starting college on any campus comes with many notable firsts for college freshmen, some of which are more campus specific than others. New students may want to have a sense of belonging not only on campus but in

Superfood at a super price

healthy yet delicious meals around campus for a student budget Staying healthy while being surrounded by all the enticing food vendors on campus can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be so hard as there are options out there. The following meals are all

CU outside the city

student RTD pass makes places outside Denver accessible Denver is a city uniquely composed of multicultural neighborhoods, trendy restaurants, and fill, but occasionally, it’s worth stepping outside the bustling city life within the concrete jungle and tight streets to explore the quaint Colorado towns. Every