STRFKR | Future Past Life | Album Review

Polyvinyl Records
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Future Past LifeSTRFKR’s newest album released on April 10, 2020, certainly brings listener’s to the future with their vibrant and haunting techno-pop melodies. The release of their album marks four years since their last, however STRFKR never failed to be intertwined in the music scene and have stayed consistent with remixes and a three part “From the Vault” series featuring years of unreleased tracks that demonstrated the singer and band’s progression of sound.  

The album consists of only 10 tracks, but each of which expand into a more vulnerable layer of sound and lyricism, leaving behind the heavier beat-focused electronics that were a distinctive part of their last release. The album is a demonstration of growth for the group and highlights a promising future.   

“Dear Stranger” leads in with their familiar techno melody which is soon joined by a reverberant base which bounces its way through the rest of the song. The wavering melody mixed with Joshua Hodges low and airy vocals creates a dreamlike state framed by double-tiered lyrics. The lyrics first come off as light and flowy, but at second glance reveal darker thematic of entrapment and a sense of being lost, “Sweet mother, kept me forever / Alone and safe in a room / Why would I ask for anything other…” 

“Sea Foam” contains more of that synth-pop sound STRFKR is known for, but still works towards the more stripped-down melodies on the album. The single kicks off with a snare drum before leading into the synth-driven melody intertwined with melancholy vocals. The title wholly encompasses the sound of the song which creates a state of being adrift illustrated in the lyrics, “You lose your balance, you lose control / And even though your heart was breaking / You never say it, don’t let it show. 

Future Past Life expands STRFKR’s horizon and sound while keeping to their more electronic roots. The 10-track album is an exciting precedent for what the future will hold and leaves fans anxious for more.

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