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Daily Archives: April 23, 2020

Cheap doesn’t equal sacrifice

Interesting ways to transform instant ramen Finding ways to spice up simple meals in the kitchen might be an overlooked way to get creative and enjoy a new dish. Luckily, there are tons of different variations that can make instant ramen a delicious meal or tasty snack. Here are just a few options that instant ramen can be utilized to

The delight in a disaster

Woodstock documentary reminds how to engage with a crisis Woodstock was an event so famous that today its name doesn’t just precede it—it misleads it. As a business venture, the festival was a complete and utter disaster. At its start, there was no shelter, not enough food or medical supplies, no fencing to ticket attendees.

Six feet of separation: love in the age of COVID-19

Staying home is changing how people date for the better The majority of the world may be practicing social distancing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean making connections, whether it be friendly or romantic in nature, is out of the question. If anything, having someone to talk to can make a huge difference right