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Daily Archives: April 16, 2020

From the Editor

A Sense of Nostalgia  I think with all the time we have now to recollect in this period of solitude I’ve personally been thinking a lot about my childhood memories. Since I am feeling nostalgic, and desperately looking for a means of escape, I’d figure

The Plot Thickens

Facts #2 Since I’m stuck inside with him all day, I thought why not write some facts about Isaiah? You’re welcome. Isaiah is taller than me by several inches. Tall enough to reach the top of the cabinets without a step ladder at least. I

Developing From a Negative

Dear Lucy I wasn’t ready to say goodbye and because of this pandemic I had to pass along my love through Emily.  I understand why I couldn’t be with you at the end, but that knowledge doesn’t dampen the pain I am feeling.  The choice we made

Not everyone should have essential worker status

It defeats the purpose of a stay-at-home order Now that the epicenter of the Coronavirus is the United States, day-to-day life has changed drastically for the average American. That being said, Colorado has attempted multiple measures to flatten the curve of infection; the most drastic

Prepare to meet new local virtuosos 

In House Collective is bringing the spotlight to local creatives To say that Denver is a hub for creatives is an understatement. One can walk around Downtown and see fliers for underground shows and art exhibits plastered on nearly every electrical box or streetlamp. Drive east down Colfax and someone is bound to

Music industry relief resources during COVID-19

The show must go on The live music of the world has gone quiet. With the music industry facing to lose billions of dollars, it’s a fearfully unstable time for people of the industry, whether they’re in performing, booking, managing, or any other facet of putting


“Bicycle Race” I think we’ve determined by now that I grew up with music being in my life quite a lot (obviously). Honestly, I pretty much need it as the background soundtrack to everything I do in my life at this point and as determined