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Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer pair up to relive every episode of the popular sitcom. Photo courtesy of Office Ladies

Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer pair up to relive every episode of the popular sitcom. Photo courtesy of Office Ladies
The duo brings personal insight to The Office 

Die-hard Office fans have taken much pleasure from the newly released podcast, Office Ladies. Starring Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Angela Kinsey (Angela), the Office Ladies podcast provides, in the ladies’ own words, “[E]xclusive, behind-the-scenes stories that only two people, who were there, can tell you.”   

For years, Office fans have been dying for a reunion, or any other content, about their favorite show. While Office Ladies is not quite a full-cast reunion, it certainly provides much more exciting content for fans to chew on when it’s released weekly on Tuesday evenings/Wednesday mornings. The episodes go in order of, and are named after, the seasons and episodes of The Office. Fischer and Kinsey provide a quick synopsis of each episode, then jump into facts, behind-the-scenes stories, and other miscellaneous information. At the time of this article, 22 episodes have been released.  

Office Ladies is, without a doubt, a must-listen for both old and new fans of The Office. The podcast’s release has made many longtime fans re-watch the show each week alongside the ladies, meaning new fans can also start their viewing in the same fashion and get just as much out of the experience.  

Besides background information and fun facts, the ladies also frequently bring guests onto the show. Thus far, they have featured guests such as Rainn Wilson (Dwight), Creed Bratton (Creed), Melora Hardin (Jan), and many others. These guests often provide just as much insight as the ladies, all the while sounding thrilled just to have the chance to chat as old friends. It’s about the most wholesome podcast out there.  

The way the podcast is presented makes the listener feel as if they are just as much a part of The Office family as Fischer and Kinsey, especially given how deeply incorporated listener questions are in the show, and the stories the ladies and their guests tell never fail to bring a laugh, a smile, or a tear.  

Though nearly every episode of the podcast is notable in some way, the most notable contain some of the most sincere moments of The Office that viewers never got to see before. One such example is in episode 16 “Christmas Party,” where the ladies break down The Office episode of the same name. In that episode, Jim gets Pam’s name for secret Santa and gifts her a teapot full of little gifts and callbacks to earlier points in the show. Also included with the teapot is a card that Jim secretly takes before Pam can read it, but which Pam finally gets to in Season 9.  

Responding to listeners’ questions regarding what was written in the card, Jenna Fischer finally revealed the answer that any Office fan has been wanting to know since the second season. Fischer’s heartfelt and genuine response shows how a podcast like this is possible is possible six years after the season finale—the friendships have gone beyond the show.  

Has it already been said that Office Ladies is the one of the most wholesome—and entertainingpodcast out there? Well, that’s worth saying again.  

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