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Daily Archives: April 8, 2020

Art therapy for all artists

Creative ideas while staying at home Staying home doesn’t have to mean staying bored. Creative outlets help pass the time and work through stress in these uncertain times. Traditional activities, like painting and drawing, fit well into the social distancing lifestyle, but even those without a studio

Wholesome movies to watch while quarantined

Feel-good films to uplift the soul It’s easy to lose sight of one’s self during these trying times and being cooped up at home certainly doesn’t help. But this time in solitude doesn’t have to be completely hopeless. One way to distract the mind and nourish

Glee revitalized musical theater through teenage drama 

Revisiting Glee’s season one roots  2009 was a great year. Silly Bandz were everywhere, Justin Bieber had just released his first single “One Time,” and girls around the country wore skirts with capri leggings and colorful Converse All-Stars. But the real star of the early 2010s was

Communication is Key

List of creative ways to stay in touch Keeping in touch with friends and family has always been an important thing to do, but it can feel more pertinent now than before. Phone calls and video chats are important to stay connected, but instead of

Words from a Wallflower

Dancing Queen In the house that I grew up in in Las Vegas, my family would open the windows (when it was cool enough in the mornings) and blast ABBA music through the stereo while we cleaned on Sundays. This is a simple thing, but

Is choosing a Pass/Not Pass grading system worth it?

Yes, there are enough stressors at the moment  Opinion by Isaiah Mancha Due to a series of unfortunate events, schools of all academics have transitioned from in-person lectures to online. As COVID-19 continues to spread, this is the safest way to keep all faculty members and students safe

A dog’s diary during quarantine

What canines actually thinks of stay-at-home Dear Diary,  Mom is home again, but I can’t complain. I have gone on extra walks every day for the last two weeks. I can smell in the grass that other dogs are also going on more walks— which is awesome. At home the

Let’s panic about other crises, too!

Capitalism and climate change play a big part in the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 came seemingly out of nowhere. Once confirmed in the United States, people rushed to stock up on groceries, hand sanitizer, alcohol, cannabis, guns, and for some reason toilet paper. Considering other critical problems faced

Michelle Marks named as CU Denver’s next chancellor

A look at the two chancellor finalists  The past few months at CU Denver have been filled with uncertainty and confusion. Ever since the current university chancellor, Dorothy Horrell, announced her retirement last September, students and staff alike have been wondering what the next step

How to Fact Check News About COVID-19

Being able to fact-check information is crucial during this pandemic. As of April 8, 2020, the United States is now the leader with the number of cases in the COVID-19 pandemic passing both China and Italy in the past few days. Information about COVID-19 changes