Sickness | Cough & Sneeze | Album Review

Young Money Records
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

With the breakout of COVID-19, pop punk band Sickness decided to release their debut album to the public. An album that is earsplitting, nerve wrecking, and downright hardcore (in the worst ways possible)Cough & Sneeze desperately sets the tone for what it means to be sick. 

Featuring fellow Young Money artistsNicki MinajDrake, and Lil WayneCough & Sneeze hosts flattened potential; the opening track “Get Ready” features a bland and unenergetic verse from Minaj about preparing for sickness: “Dayquil, Nyquil / Get all this, to feel tranquil.” Sickness then chimes in with deafening screeches, yelling at listeners to wash their hands and take their medicine. The next song, “Cover Your Mouth” is a remixed rendition of Future’s “Facemask;” a flute-like melody that features Lil Wayne screeching “Young Money” every time he raps: “Bitch, cover yo mouth.” 

The track “Cough” is much smoother, and subtle with rhythmic bass and piano key. It has an equal balance of soft and hard noise; raspy sick choruses to intertwine with the healthy verses emits a pleasing tone for a song that features mostly Sickness coughing into the mic. “Achoo!” ft Drake is just as bad as the opening track, with Drake yelling: “Oh my God! Where’s my Kleenex / I think imma bout to a-a-ACHOO!” The beat drops to a deafening trap-mix that even Helen Keller can’t stand. 

Cough & Sneeze also consists of its own title track. Hooray! The poppy, synthesized beat consists of a solo outing by Sickness with many coughing and sneezing sound effects and a simple chorus: “You wanna cough and sneeze? Cough and sneeze? Then stay at home, if you’re sick. Don’t cough and sneeze.” A clusterfuck of lyrics that have no potential. Heartbreaking. 

An album that may sound horrifying and threatening, hits the list of Billboardbottom 100. Even with such big known artists and being produced by a top record label, the album was too sick to heal. 

This article is April Fool’s content. 

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