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Leaked Rupi Kaur poetry

Rupi Kaur’s newest poetry will be sure to bring reader’s happiness. Photo: Taelar Pollmann The Sentry

The Sentry gets the first look at Kaur’s newest work

This just in: 2019’s Poet of the Year, Rupi Kaur’s latest masterpieces have been leaked to The Sentry by an anonymous informant at Kaur’s publisher. Below are her never before seen works.  


Before you leave 

                    And the door closes behind you, 

                                                                        Bringing to an end everything that we made

                                                                                                                 Please leave me the Dutch Bros punch card. 

– rupi kaur 


Trader Joes: 



-Everything But The Bagel Seasoning 

-Ak-Mak Crackers 

– rupi kaur 


To the            one who 

Will always   be there when 

I need him most. Without him, 

I would have nothing. With 

him, I have everything. 

I would be nothing 

without Amazon 


 rupi kaur

Looking at your face 

Reminds me of you. 

rupi kaur 


The mitochondria is the powerhouse 

of the cell. 

 rupi kaur


You miss 100% of the shots 

You don’t take. 

-Wayne Gretzky 

-Michael Scott 

rupi kaur 

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