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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Five Finger Death Punch’s new album, F8, is as much a banger as anything they’ve released before.  

Coming in at 15 songs that equate to just over 45 minutes of listening time, both old and new fans of the band will find something to like here. For the metal rockers out there, songs like “Bottom of the Top,” “This is War,” and “Mother May I (TicToc),” among others, offer head-banging guitar riffs to rock out to. F8 isn’t all moshing tracks, however. “A Little Bit Off” and “Darkness Settles In” are just two of the handful of slower, more thoughtful songs on the album.  

This is not to say that lyricism is lacking anywhere, though. F8 is far more than a metal album; it takes on themes such as politics, religion, and personal reflection. “Full Circle,” for example, attacks American culture in almost every regard: “That’s it I fuckin’ had it / I can’t take it anymore / Yeah I know now why I’m losing / Well just look who’s keeping score / Got a vermin preaching sermon / Telling me how I should think…” The song goes on with the lyrics, “There’s a demon selling freedom / To a martyr on TV / While you’re watching you should google / All the ways you’ve been deceived.” And “Full Circle” is just one example of the poignant lyrics that run through the entire album.  

If anyone can insert the word “Google” into a metal song, it’s Five Finger Death Punch. This latest album stands up with all their other hits, and some of its songs arguably reach the lofty heights of songs such as “Wrong Side of Heaven” and “Bad Company.” 

With F8, Five Finger Death Punch continue their legacy as one of the greatest modern metal bands. This album is a great addition to the already-prolific list of the band’s other albums. It’s well worth a listen for metal and non-metal fans alike.  

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