A 303 day to remember

Photo: Samantha Camp • The Sentry 3OH!3 brought their biggest hits to the Mission Ballroom.

Photo: Samantha Camp • The Sentry
3OH!3 brought their biggest hits to the Mission Ballroom.
New noise and classic acts at Mission Ballroom  

The excitement was building around Mission Ballroom March 3 as concert goers were preparing for a show of a lifetime. While waiting for the doors to open, remarks of nostalgia and setlist hopefuls peppered throughout the crowd.  

Upon entering Mission Ballroom, one is struck by the massive disco ball that is suspended from the ceiling. The stage was set with a large projection screen, various instruments for the opening act and backlit fog rolling across the stageSlowly, Mission Ballroom began to fill as concert goers claimed their spot on what would be a packed event 

 Wasting no timelocal band VYNYL started out their set with a bust of New Wave pop energy that was accompanied by stunning visuals. Playing their singles “Dancing With The Devil” and “Found Dead,” VYNYL grooved along with the crowd as the set shifted from retro pop, to funky, disco inspired tunes 

 Denver based electronic dance duo Breath Carolina played an explosive hour-long set. Utilizing the projection screen, the duo engaged the crowd with color drenched visuals that were tightly synchronized to the beats that members David Schmitt and Tommy Cooperman were mixing.   

 Much to the crowds’ delight, Lil Jon mixed his classics “Shots,” “Get Outta Your Mind,” and “Turn Down For What” with his own remixes of Roddy Ricch’s “The Box” and Queens “We Will Rock You. Lil Jons energy throughout his set rippled through the crowd as he jumped, danced and sprayed a section of the crowd with a bottle of shaken champagne.   

 Finally, the stage darkened one last time for hometown heroes 3OH!3. Cheers erupted as Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte entered the stage chanting “three-oh-three” while raising the iconic 3OH!3 hand symbol high into the air. Soon a sea of 3OH!3 symbols filled the floor and the bowl seats of Mission Ballroom as “FIRE IN THE HEAVENS” flowed out through the speakers preparing the audience for the night ahead of them.  

 3OH!3 kicked off their set with songs off their sophomore album WANT including fan favorite “STARSTRUKK” and “CHOKECHAIN.” Motte and Foreman once again proved that they are incredibly engaging performers, utilizing every inch of the stageStanding on speakers and encouraging the audience to sing along kept the audiences energy high throughout the entire set.  

 While 3OH!3 is known for their high energy music centered around sex, drugs and partying, many of their songs like “COLORADOSUNRISE” and “STILL AROUND” have more of a mainstream, radio friendly vibe. Highlighting this variety, 3OH!3 was joined on stage by The Denver Choir League to sing “MY D!CK,” a song that needs no explanation 

 3OH!3 ended with “DONTTRUSTME, the song that put them on the map; leaving the stage to a roaring crowd and the title of 303 Day Kings.  

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