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Photo: April Kinney · The Sentry The Bike Shop is operated by CU Denver work study employees.

Photo: April Kinney · The Sentry
The Bike Shop is operated by CU Denver work study employees.
A look into what this resource offers

Back in August of 2018, CU Denver’s Lola & Rob Salazar Student Wellness Center opened with a gym, climbing wall, nap room, and food pantry amongst other facilities. However, one of the best kept secrets of the Wellness Center is the bike shop. Based around a strong student-run community, the bike shop is the perfect place to go not only to fix your bike, but also to connect with outdoor enthusiasts. However, with current budget shortages, the bike shop may be limited or removed altogether.

Austin Dyer is the coordinator of the Outdoor Adventure facility. When asked about the bike shop he explained, “It’s important, one, for our outdoor program, but also the campus and community because it helps promote sustainable travel to and from campus.” The bike shop is home to a strong community of student outdoor enthusiasts and cyclists. On any given day, a student could be oiling a chain, fixing a headset, or building a wheel, all while receiving top quality service and professional guidance. Between ten to fifteen students visit the bike shop each day, according to Dyer. The shop is never crowded to the point where a stand is not open, and Dyer added he would like to see a few more people each day to justify buying rental bikes and guiding city bike tours.

The bike shop is run by students who are employed under work study funds. It allows students to earn some money, do homework, and connect with peers. The bike shop, climbing wall, and Outdoor Adventure desk are run by the same staff, meaning that students who work the bike shop can also work the climbing wall and run events.

The bike shop itself is located behind the Outdoor Adventure desk and is accessed through a side door that is clearly marked with a triangle sign when the shop is open. Business hours are 3–7 p.m. Monday-Thursday, and 3–6 p.m. on Fridays where staff are always present to help with repairs and maintenance. Because it is also a learning facility most work is accomplished with a staff member assisting with projects. However, if projects are complex, staff members guide the projects and help with details to ensure the repairs or maintenance are successful.

Dyer went on to mention that because enrollment at CU Denver has decreased, the budget for the Wellness Center has been cut. To keep facilities running, certain programs will either have to be limited or removed as all facilities are still offering full services. With this in mind, he also said the best way to prevent this from happening to the shop is to go to the bike shop, participate in the community, and get  free services.

The bike shop is a valuable resource that offers  services at rates most students will never have access to again. To Dyer, it is important that these services are valued as they are what make CU Denver unique and support communities like the one at the bike shop. So,  bring in a bike and get to know the community.



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