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Daily Archives: March 11, 2020

Should employees get fired over social media?

employees are allowed to express their opinion Opinion by Kaia Stallings It’s no secret that a large majority of the population around the world has some type of social media account. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram serve as ways for people to express themselves and share

The Plot Thickens

Innocent Bystander The Film and Television Program produces a web series every year that is made primarily by the junior class. Over the past weekend and over next weekend, too, the web series is being shot in various parts of Denver. On Sunday, which also

Psychos, zombies, and identical twins, oh my!

a few tips on how to survive friday the 13th Both the day, Friday, and the number, 13, have been considered unlucky on their own. However, when these two powerhouses of bad fortune are combined, many dastardly people and creatures tend to crawl out from

Developing From a Negative

But I Have a 1D I love to quote movies and television shows. I am sure that more than half of what I say on a daily basis originated from entertainment.  This is the same with my partner and we often find ourselves quoting entire monologues

From the Editor

PSA: Play Animal Crossing After today, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is expected to be released in less than 10 days and I have not only pre-ordered it to arrive the day of its release but have cleared my entire Spring Break schedule to build my

Words from a wallflower

My mom recently asked me for ideas for graduation gifts. I told her that I only had one in mind—Peach. That’s the name I’ve picked for the English Bulldog that my mom has promised me for college graduation since I was a little girl.  When

Reflections and Ruminations at Museum of Outdoor Arts

Reflections and Ruminations at the Museum of Outdoor Arts presents one of the most comprehensive exhibitions of artwork by Robert Rauschenberg since his death in 2008.   Commonly associated with the Pop Art movement, Rauschenberg gained recognition in New York City collaborating with the likes

Echosmith shines bright at the Bluebird Theater

Family band bonds over the “lonely generation” Walking into The Bluebird Theater, audience members were soon acquainted with one another in the small, but intimate setting. The stage was simply set with various instruments, colored lights, and a single banner that read “Lonely Generation,” the