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Daily Archives: March 4, 2020

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Don’t pressure people to be vegan

It’s exclusionary and rude In his Oscar acceptance speech, Joaquin Phoenix preached about veganism. At a Bernie Sanders rally in Nevada, vegan activists stole the mic and poured pink liquid on themselves—all in the name of being cruelty free and morally just.   Whether for

Bernie Sanders Visits Denver

Local and national supporters rally for Sanders As of early March 2020, America is right in the middle of the voting season, and with primaries, caucuses, and rallies galore, Colorado is no exception. In the past few weeks, Colorado hosted rallies for Elizabeth Warren, Pete

CROWN Act Introduced to Colorado Legislature

Aims to eliminate discrimination based on hair  In the transition from education to the workforce, most people begin to worry about looking “professional.” While for some that may just mean wearing a suit, others must worry about their most natural characteristics, such as hair. Up

The Plot Thickens

The Wolf Man Just like Guillermo Del Toro, I grew up watching many of the ‘30s/’40s Universal Monster movies. While they are by no means my bread and butter, they do remind me of childhood. One day, while I stayed home from school sick, my

Keep America Great Rally in Colorado Springs

On Thursday, February 20, President Donald Trump paid a visit to Colorado for his 2020 presidential campaign. Alongside President Trump at the rally was Vice President Mike Pence and Colorado Senator Cory Gardner. The event quickly reached capacity, with some supporters camping out in front

Sexual assault is always sexual assault

Gender has no effect on the impact of assault There is a disturbing trend in American society that says only women can be the victims of sexual assault. The myth has been perpetuated so thoroughly by Hollywood that it has now invaded every aspect of

An open letter to major movie studios

Dear major movie studios, moviegoers are fed up with what they’re getting. Where to start with the mistakes? It seems as though all studios care about these days is money. It’s easy to understand why; the more money these easy cash-grab films make means there’s


Feelings of failing Last week, I took the practice LSAT for the very first time. The resource I’m using to study projected me to get a 152 on this first go. (LSAT crash course: scores range from 120 to 180 with the average being a

From the Editor

Time in a Bottle So, here’s the thing: There is simply too much content to digest in this day and age and I’m tired of keeping up. It’s getting to the point where I just get so overwhelmed with music, tv shows, and movies that