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Daily Archives: February 26, 2020

Iowa Caucus inspires questions on technology in politics

Colorado’s vote counting process for presidential primaries On February 3, both Democrat and Republican voters in Iowa gathered to cast their votes and choose delegates. In a caucus, voters convene in public spaces, then vote for their own individual candidates before those votes are translated

Senator Cory Gardner votes to acquit Trump

President Trump visited Colorado on February 20, 2020. In early February 2020, the conclusion of the senate impeachment trial against Donald Trump resulted in the president’s acquittal from all charges, abuse of power, and obstruction of congress. All 47 senate Democrats and only one Republican,

Amanda Blackman’s Dark Place

  Coming clean My husband and I had a conversation in which I released a burden I didn’t even know I carried. Since I told him then, I need to get something off my chest to you, my dear reader. Here it goes: I don’t

Developing From a Negative

Snacking I love a good snack.  In fact, my partner has often told me that if I ruled a country the motto on my flag would be, “I need a snack,” based on how often I say that to her.  She has gone on to add

Should the electoral college be abolished?

the college protects from tyranny of any sort Opinion by Gillian Russo A common misconception among the public is that the United States functions as a democracy, when it actually was established as a republic. A democracy favors the majority vote, whereas a republic is

CU Denver lacks a journalism program, and that’s a problem

the program is more relevant than ever before Universities of the United States have a problem: the death of the “working-class” journalist in America seems to have prompted, concurrently, the loss of journalism programs in American universities. Seeing as reliable journalism is so integral to

The Plot Thickens

The Call of the Wild Over the weekend, I ventured down to Colorado Springs to spend less than 24 hours with my mother, and even less of that time with my father. The point of my visit was to go to a mini-Mardi Gras parade

From the Editor

Womb Bros.  I’ll admit that sometimes I can’t remember how old my brother and sister are. Or what grade they are in off the top of my head. Does this make me a terrible older sister? Slightly. To be fair, they are incredibly annoying, but