New club brings wushu to campus

Photo: April Kinney · The Sentry

Photo: April Kinney · The Sentry · CU Denver Wushu club is open to all students.
A look at CU Denver’s newest martial arts club

The contemporary style that Wushu embodies is not only incredible to witness, but it offers a chance to develop personal discipline. Wushu is the contemporary style of Shaolin Kung Fu that serves as a performance sport. The sport itself involves high energy and CU Denver students have the chance to experience and learn about Wushu with the CU Denver Wushu Club. 

Club President Paul Sahertain explains, “We honestly just want to share Kung Fu with everyone, not only just because Kung Fu is for fighting but for the health aspect and the philosophy behind it, you know, having the mind and the body coming together as one.”  CU Denver Wushu club was founded in Fall of 2019. When asked why the club was started, Paul stated, “I’ve been practicing Wushu since I was 11 or 12, and throughout my time practicing I’ve learned a lot. Now that I’m in college I want to share my passion and knowledge of Wushu with college students.”

Wushu itself is not a sport that is based entirely around a team. A quick search on YouTube can show just how personal this sport can get. Each movement is precise and calculated to perfection. Moves can range from jumping up into the air and landing into a perfect split or balancing all body weight on one leg. These are all accompanied with stoic looks from the performers. Not a single smile cracked. Sahertain expressed that “Opposed to other sports…Wushu is a very individualized sport. When it comes to it, it’s just you, the floor and then your form. It’s very near and dear to the person.”

Sahertain also explained the moment that an athlete begins learning stances and basic form is the moment the athlete begins to grow and mature along with the Wushu. 

“As you grow the sport grows with you. I think that’s one of the things I really enjoy about Wushu, you are the martial art at the end of the day.” This growth and maturity is something that all CU Denver students have the opportunity to learn about with the Wushu Club. Meetings are currently held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5 P.M. to 6 P.M in the PE/Event Center building and The Wellness Center. Only CU Denver students will have access to The Wellness Center for practices, the PE/Event Center is open to all students. The club is also planning to have meetings at the Denver Shaolin Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute on Friday nights in Aurora to give students the experience of practicing in a traditional environment outside of the college. 

The club’s main goals this semester are to grow their numbers and get students familiar and practicing. Next semester however there is a competition planned for September. It’s not too late to join and experience a new enriching culture with fellow CU Denver students. 

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