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37 facts. No sequel.
Photo: Taelar Pollmann · The Sentry

1. I stole this idea from Xander 

2. Because I have no original ideas

3. So, here are random facts about yours truly 🙂

4. One, I’m absolutely terrified of the ocean

5. Not because of what’s in it, but because of how deep it is

6. Although, I do like the beach and the smell of sea salt

7. I used to like the color pink, but I changed it to blue once I found out my birthstone was sapphire

8. It’s green now 

9. I’ve always wanted to travel to Amsterdam

10. For the architecture, of course 😉 

11. Along the lines of travel, I’ve always wanted to end up in Maine, Washington, or Oregon

12. I am the oldest of my two siblings

13. And the most annoying one 

14. If I ever chose to have kids

15. I don’t want kids

16. I would name the boys either Roman, Tobias, or Abel

17. And the girls either Anastasia or Anaïs

18. I have a black thumb and can’t grow plants to save my life

19. If I wasn’t in college, I would want to be a beekeeper

20. Hiking is my favorite pastime

21. I hate green beans 

22. I love blackberries

23. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is my favorite movie 

24. I am a Ravenclaw 

25. If I were a Disney princess, I would be Merida

26. For the hair of course 

27. My favorite dish to eat is bacalao: salted cod, caramelized plantains, and rice 

28. If I could be friends with any celebrity it would be Chloë Sevigny

29. Or the Momoa-Kravitz clan 

30. Gravity Falls is my favorite animated series

31. Cowboy Bebop is a close second

32. I am a Virgo 

33. Halloween is my favorite holiday

34. I watch either Coraline or Beetlejuice interchangeably every month 

35. My favorite musician is Donny Hathaway 

36. My favorite snack is Ritz Toasted sour cream and onion Chips accompanied by spoonfuls of mozzarella cheese

37. I am related to Don Cheadle by marriage.

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