American Authors and more warm up Denver

Photo: Victoria Moffat • The Sentry American Authors takes the stage at the Ogden Theater.

Photo: Victoria Moffat • The Sentry
American Authors takes the stage at the Ogden Theater.
The Band of Brothers Tour hits Denver

After almost a month on the road, The Band of Brothers Tour landed in Denver at the Ogden Theater this February with opening band PUBLIC and headliners American Authors and Magic Giant. 

Whether it was from the bitter cold or excitement for the show, the concertgoers were restless in the long lines that stretched from the Ogden’s doors. Audiences, as usual, were ready to filter into the venue, for warmth as well as for first dibs on seats and merch. Against the cold that seemed to settle over the city, the Ogden, originally built in the 1910s, still stood defiant, emitting a soft red and yellow glow from the sign and windows that shone out onto Colfax and its passing cars and pedestrians, signaling the warm beginning of another show. 

PUBLIC got the crowd essentially ‘music tipsy’ and by the end of their set, the crowd had bobbing heads and swaying bodies. Energy had built into a feverish buzz and worked its way through, leaving the audience on the brink. Happy and buoyant, but not quite yet to the certain stage of euphoria reached with the headliners. One of the final songs that PUBLIC played, “Make You Mine,” ended their set on a sweeter note. The recently viral song coursed through the audience and sparked closed eyes and soft swaying. 

Encompassing the radiant zeal in the venue, a host introduced the two headliners and described that a marble-drop type game would be played to decide the first headliner to perform. With the crowd deciding which slot to drop from the result ended with Magic Giant. 

Magic Giant was boisterous and vibrant. Most of the songs played for the set were fast paced and animated, popular hits that struck chords with the crowd. The lead singer, guitarist, and violinist, consistently moved around the stage, providing lots of visual interest. The lead singer engaged both the crowd and the band themselves, at one point jumping back and forth on the stage, the crowd, and the band, swept up in the spirit.

American Authors followed shortly after Magic Giant, continuing the lively vibe. The band led audiences’ eyes to each part of the stage, each member having their own vibrancy, but remaining, on a deeper level, connected, keeping coordinated and in touch with each song. The set featured a darker and slower paced tone but overall, most of the setlist consisted of their popular and faster paced songs. Going full speed into, “Best Day of My Life,” the audience kept beat and seemed to merge into one as they jammed to the band’s most popular song, at least according to Spotify.

The Band of Brothers Tour featured needed warmth and liveliness in this bitter Denver February. The Ogden, yet again, brought in vivacious bands that give residents and visitors musical entertainment to look forward to and end in memories that last. 

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