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Daily Archives: February 19, 2020

Grieving shouldn’t mean idolization

It’s important to recognize kobe bryant’s mistakes too On January 26, the world lost an all-star athlete. A father. A mentor. And an alleged rapist.   In 2003, basketball legend Kobe Bryant was accused of raping a 19- year old girl in a Colorado ski

Do award shows actually matter?

It’s pointless praise to those who don’t need it Opinion by Kaia Stallings There’s something sinister about the idea of the Academy Awards. Every year the art that people have put out to the masses is put up against panels, judges, and the very people

The Plot Thickens

And the Oscar goes to… I won’t lie to you, reader. Someday I hope to be introduced as Academy Award Winner Alexander Elmore. What would I have won an Oscar for, you ask. Well, my dream is that it would be for writing, but I would

Give Waluigi the solo video game he deserves

luigi’s nemesis should have time in the spotlight The Mario franchise has had a hold on the gaming community for decades. Nintendo has managed to create the most popular video game character in the world; not just figuratively, but literally. Over 507 million Mario games

Developing From a Negative

Her Friend It wasn’t until I was in a semi-out gay relationship that I started to really enjoy and seek out LGBTQIA+ media and entertainment. Now that I am fully out and established gay, I make it a point to support the community as much

American Authors and more warm up Denver

The Band of Brothers Tour hits Denver After almost a month on the road, The Band of Brothers Tour landed in Denver at the Ogden Theater this February with opening band PUBLIC and headliners American Authors and Magic Giant.  Whether it was from the bitter


Four Eyes I’ve had glasses on my face since the second grade. Starting out, I only had reading glasses but a short two years later my prescription had completely flipped into giving me four eyes for the rest of my life. Of course, as a

Behind the making of the Grammys

How the winners are decided The 62nd annual Grammys award show has left the music industry buzzing with excitement. Not only did Billie Eilish break a record by being the youngest person to win the ‘Big Four’ awards (Song, Record, Album, and New Artist), but

Words from a wallflower

Stress ball A girl around my age sat in one of the chairs in St. Catejan’s for last week’s blood drive, squeezing a stress ball to fill up a pint-size bag of her blood. Seeing her calm kept me relaxed…until I realized that my blood pressure

Journey to Neverland at Next Stage Gallery

Coinciding with the 2020 production of Peter Pan from the Colorado Ballet, Next Stage Gallery presents an exhibition focused on the classic story. From the Pages of Peter Pan explores the adventures of the “boy who wouldn’t grow up.” As part of the Denver Center